How to get a PhD without going to college: Expert tips


Getting an academic degree is not an easy task, especially if you have no possibility to attend the on-campus PhD studies. They say we can’t buy time, and that’s true: work and family can occupy every free second, leaving you struggling to find an hour or two and catch your breath. Luckily, modern reality offers many online programs that combine official accreditation with a relatively short time required to complete them. As for PhD, it’s more than just an achievement since it provides the best opportunities to find a well-paid job or boost your career. That’s why we’ve gathered some really useful information about where to find the official opportunity to get a degree without leaving your home and how to do it easily.

Online PhD programs: Universities offer certified degrees through the Internet

Selecting the right higher-education institution is a hard assignment, especially if you’ll need to study online. Many people look at how cheap their degree can be and compare the prices to the cost of offline studies, but the time they will spend writing essays and crafting presentations also matters to such students. Fortunately, every modern college is currently adapting to fit the needs of the people working at prestigious companies and needing a career advantage. That’s why you need to know how the system works, and here are the main facts:

  • There are at least 170 online PhD programs to choose from. The prestigious institutions like Walden University will gladly provide you with all the opportunities you need. Moreover, they’ll help you find the perfect degree for your career!
  • You can complete an online doctoral course in just one year. Unlike the traditional academic degrees, the one you get on the web can confirm that you’re an expert in your field as soon as possible. Although it’s not free, such studies cost far less than the on-campus courses. 
  • You also have the possibility to make your studies custom with the academic support team. Modern universities treat you as a customer, so they will do everything to make you satisfied. That’s why they’ll guarantee qualified help, making the studying process as easy as it can be. 

Despite these advantages, online studies still pose numerous challenges that sometimes only become obvious when the tuition fees are paid and the first semester has already begun. For example, creating a doctoral dissertation is not as easy as writing a short essay, so you might find yourself more pressed for time than you were before. Perfect English and in-field knowledge are not enough to craft all the necessary arguments, determine the variables, and produce quality research. However, the tips below might get you started on the right track.

Completing a PhD on your own: Scheduling, planning, writing

Studying requires more than just completing several papers and attending some lectures, especially if we’re talking about the top degree. You’ll need to do many necessary things in the right order, and it can be really stressful if you procrastinate too much or “go with the flow.” These four tips can be rather helpful if you’re going to complete an online doctoral program.

  1. Don’t treat the dissertation as another paper to turn in. It’s important to remember that your main PhD project demands rigorous research that’s impossible to complete several days before the deadline. Lack of time can stress you out, but remember that assistance is available on the Web and offline. You can always find a legit essay writing service like CustomWritings that employs the experts who can easily guide you through all stages of writing a good dissertation or refer to your friend who has a similar experience.
  2. Limit your procrastination and schedule each learning step. Many psychologists from the UK and the USA will tell you that it’s sometimes necessary to “be lazy” for a couple of hours to let your mind rest. Still, be careful and let your brain recharge only when all the principal study tasks are done. It’s important to work slowly but confidently to get a personalized, well-developed thesis that’s sure to increase your professional success.
  3. Always research before you write. It’s no secret that people’s thoughts can coincide with accidents, so it’s incredibly important to review what others think about your topic to create something innovative.
  4. Consult your advisor on all stages. No matter how complicated the work seems, you need to remember that you’re not alone. Your professor will always be there to assist you in creating original, well-developed research from scratch.

How emotions and creativity can help you get a degree online

So, let’s imagine that you have already selected the university with the best reviews, planned everything, and began your PhD program. The first experiences in this field can be a little overwhelming, especially when your career progress depends on your success. However, you can prevail despite all the troubles if you use your emotions as a quality source of energy and inspiration. Here’s how to do it.

  • If written assignments intimidate or irritate you, try seeing them as professional tasks. It’s very likely that you’ve got working experience, so you had to deliver various services at least once. Imagine that doing complicated homework is another necessary errand at your company, and you’re likely to get calmer and begin to act.
  • Treat your professors as more experienced colleagues who are trying to help you. Some people can get frustrated when they imagine they’ll become students again and arrogant professors will boss them around. In fact, those professionals are also providing you a service, so seeing them as helpers can inspire and enlighten you. Everyday respect might even turn into friendship while the university experts are training you to be a better writer and researcher.
  • Be brave with your ideas and accept criticism as a form of assistance. It’s probably the most challenging tip on this list, but also one of the most important. Once you overcome uncertainty and frustration, you’ll have to keep in mind that the people who are helping you are more experienced scientific writers, so it’s important to accept their corrections. Don’t let this fact discourage you as you browse the university’s website, choosing the right program. Stay aware that your ideal PhD is a combination of your unique talent and academic workers’ input.