How To Get Glow For Oily Skin


Do you want to know how to get glow skin? Even ladies with oily skin can have the perfect radiant glow. Greasy skin is known as a huge problem for many. And you probably go for matte primers and foundations to avoid the shiny face. But, we know that matte can sometimes make you look older or tired. Enhancing the natural glow of the face will make you look fresh and radiant. Let’s get to the ultimate skin care tips for you ladies!

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Moisturize well

Many think that oily skin doesn’t need any hydration because it produces its own oils. But, this is a huge lie. There is a difference between dry and dehydrated skin. Dry skin lacks natural oils, while the dehydrated skin lacks moisture. You can easily spot dehydrated skin. It looks dull, and the oil gland produces even more sebum to make it up. The best way to fight excess greasiness is to use a good hydrating moisturizer. Instead of blotting your skin, you should pay attention to moisture. Look for products that contain panthenol, as this ingredient has the ability to lock the moisture in the skin.

Use a finishing spray

If you have greasy skin, then you know that you must set your makeup. Otherwise, you might end up with runny makeup. But, we know that powder products won’t make your face look glowy. Instead, take a nice finishing spray. It will help you set your makeup, while not making it look too matte. Your face will look fresh, and your makeup won’t even move.


Use highlighter

Don’t avoid the highlighter just because you have oily skin. Instead, opt for a nice and subtle highlighter. Apply some on the bridge of your nose, cheekbones, brow bone, and the cupid bow. Powder products are fine but feel free to use a liquid highlighter too. Make sure that you blend it well using a fluffy brush. Liquid products can look like stains on your face if you don’t blend well. Use little by little and blend until you reach the desired result.






After checking my tips, you will know how to maintain the healthy glow of your skin. Also, don’t forget to do gentle scrubs once or twice a week. This will remove the dead skin cells and reveal the new and glowy layer of your skin. What is your best glowy skin tip? Feel free to share it with us!