How To Get Started With Your Corporate Gifting Program


Corporate gifting is becoming an essential aspect of running a business nowadays. The money companies spend on gifting is rapidly increasing, and now quality is more important than quantity. 

Corporate gifts are a great way to thank your loyal customers. Not only that, but they will also keep your employees motivated and make them feel appreciated. However, it is vital to develop a corporate gifting program to set guidelines on what events are worth spending gifts on.

Below are some tips on how to get started with your corporate gifting program.


Pick events and achievements

If you want your revenues to remain steady through the year, you will want to go above and beyond the usual Easter and Christmas holiday gifts. Think of other different situations that call for celebrations or sympathy.  You will use such events as the starting points when structuring your corporate gifting program. Some of these may include;

  • Birthdays
  • New employees
  • Anniversaries
  • Sympathy 

Choose the events you’d like to get involved in and look for the types of perfect gifts for each occasion. 

How much you are willing to spend

When you provide a wide variety of items to your clients or employees, you can appeal to many people with different tastes. Consider how much you are willing to spend and how much your company is ready to invest.

Think about the cost of every gift you intend to buy. When you know the exact prices, you can make a profit from the corporate gifting program. Do not overspend or underspend and go for quality over quantity. 

Provide customised option where necessary

Each company wants to give gifts that feel personalised. It will beat the entire purpose of gifting if a gift doesn’t make the recipient feel valued. Most companies want to have their brand color or logo on the gifts they give.  It may also be adding a personal note card to your customers or employees, so the gift doesn’t come off as impersonal.

Determine the personalisation choices your customers will most likely identify with, and those you will provide as you establish your corporate gifting program. 

Avoid too many promotional leaflets

Once your customer or employee opens a gift from the company, the first thing they see should not be promotional inserts. You are giving this gift to thank, celebrate or sympathise with the recipient. You don’t want that gift to come off as anything else. A subtle sticker with the company logo is good enough. 

Time the arrival dates

Ensure the gift item you intend to give gets to the recipient at the intended time. This is more important, especially if it is a perishable gift. Make sure it gets delivered on time and when people are around. Do not send a perishable gift to the office on the weekend or over the holidays. 

To sum it up

The best corporate gifts are those that are meaningful and personalized for the recipient. While sometimes a company may not get to know all its clients, think through the types of gifts you intend to give.  

Although corporate gift programs are not a must-have, there are many advantages of having them in your company. They make your clients and employees feel appreciated and motivated.