How to Get Your Craft Area Organized Today



There’s an old theory that mess and clutter tend to breed creativity—that the truly out-of-the-box thinkers tend to be a bit disheveled, a bit unruly. Maybe there’s some truth to that—and maybe it’s a little bit of a double-edged sword. As anyone who crafts will readily attest, the creative process can indeed be messy, and getting your art supplies organized and tidy can be more than a little challenging.

Challenging, but not impossible. Even the wildest craft area can be tamed. All it takes is some strategic organization, and perhaps an investment in handy, space-saving storage supplies.


Tips for Whipping Your Craft Room Into Shape

A few suggestions for those seeking to declutter their craft area:

  • Though it likely goes without saying, one of the first things you’ll want to do is invest in some storage vessels for your various craft supplies. Think boxes, baskets, tubs, and jars—a variety of containers for your different-sized and different-shaped items.
  • As you invest in storage containers, aim for things that are transparent, so you can easily determine what’s in them; things that spin, lazy Susan-style, to ensure you can quickly see all sides of your container; and things that have open and easy access, not things with locks and lids for you to fiddle with.
  • For many craft items, like ribbon and paper, you’ll want to organize by color. Having drawers dedicated to different colors of yarn or ribbon can be a great way to keep things straight.
  • Investing in old magazine holders—which you can often find at places like IKEA for next to nothing—will give you some good options for storing paper.
  • Have some jar space available for scraps—little bits of ribbon or paper that you don’t necessarily want to throw away, and think you might use one day.
  • Separating by color is important, but in some cases you may need some other criteria for filtering your materials into different containers; for example, with buttons and other smaller items, you may want to have jars that are sorted both by color but also by size.
  • For your actual craft space, consider buying an inexpensive kitchen island from a local furniture store—something that has its own shelving built in.
  • Shallow bookshelves can be great for displaying some of your favorite items—like rubber stamps. Of course, you may also want to devote some space for showing off your finished items!

A little bit of mess can be alright, but to get the most use out of your craft area, organization is key. Hopefully these craft room organization tips will help you get there!