How to Give Your Home a Nordic Look and Feel


There isn’t a better source to look for inspiration in your home decor, then in Scandinavian design. We can all learn from them! 

Everything about the Scandinavian design is toned down to essence and simplicity. Each home decor piece has a certain role to play in telling the “perfect-interior-design” story. In a few words what really depicts this type of design is all about being exquisite, timeless and delicate. Yet functional and very liveable!

There are many small details that can make your home look and feel Scandinavian. Most of them are related to the senses. It’s all about being aesthetically pleasing, but cozy – without overpowering elements, and yet a subtle presence of fragrances. 

You can leave the walls white, but hang a unique vintage rug on them. It’s very much about balance. Swedes even have a word for it – “lagom”.

So, here’s what you’ll essentially need to achieve the perfect Nordic look!


Textiles take such a great part of our homes. Just think about it – we spent most of the time in contact with them. And I am not talking about clothing. From bed linens, blankets, pillows, and cushions to towels and most of the seating furniture is wrapped in textiles. In the end, there are finally rugs and curtains. 

To give your home a Nordic look make sure all the textiles in your home are made of the finest materials with a nice handle. You can choose cotton, cashmere or wool blends and there you’ve completed the first step.


Honestly, rugs might be an integral part of home interior and a great way of adding color, pattern or structure to your room. If the floors, the walls and your furniture are in neutral colors, rugs can really stand out and set the mood in the space. 

If you want the Nordic feel in your home, Scandinavian rugs are the perfect choise and you can never go wrong with them. They are usually rich in color, have symmetrical shapes and patterns depicted on them, finely woven and unique at the core.

The best way to place the rug in your living room is without placing anything on it to make it stand out even more. Other ways you can display your beautiful rugs is one the wall, as an extraordinary piece of art. 

It’s All About Exposure

The well-picked cookware, cooking and baking utensils shouldn’t be hidden in the cabinets. You can just leave the cutting board on the kitchen island next to small food containers. It is a decoration by itself. You can do the same with coffee or tea china. 

To obtain the Scandinavian look in your home just set the dining table with table linen, tableware, cutlery sets, and napkins. Even if you aren’t expecting guests. Of course, only if your lifestyle allows it, try it! It can be so charming. The same applies to clothes, shoes, and accessories. All the storage and organization objects can be decorative. Simply put, think of your home as a small museum.


Exotic Details

Do you have something unique that you brought from a travel trip? Do you have any vintage statement pieces? Or maybe something is woven with traditional heritage? All of these exotic details will give life to the interior of your home. You can simply unfold a large Japanese fan above the bed. 

Light in Every Form

Invest in many candles and lamps. You can lighten up the candles even in daylight and put on the lamps on the twilight. Any way of lighting will give your home a   and warm feeling.

Elegance Means Elimination

Creative chaos is not synonymous with the Scandinavian style. You can communicate the idea of it with a wall painting or a meticulously crafted metal sculpture. However, you should be very selective when it comes to accessorizing. You should let the well-thought fundamental choices of floor, wall and furniture materials to define your home-image. 

Even though it looks effortlessly, everything has to be precisely placed only to compliment the main body of work. This is because minimalism speaks volumes. How about implementing a miniature vase with a single flower? Or maybe a single light bulb hanging from the ceiling, rather than a lighting fixture?

Reflecting Surfaces

If you’re on the borderline between luxurious and industrial vibe, you’re on the right path. If you decide on visible kitchen cabinet handles, you should accentuate them. 

  • Pick a velvety fabric for the sofa;
  • Apply white shiny tiles on the kitchen walls;
  • Use glass doors to create separate rooms, while keeping a feeling of a large open space; 
  • Have a few mirrors here and there, with at least one of them rounded.

Sofas and Chairs

The sofa is a focal point in the living room and you shouldn’t compromise when it comes to comfort. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a set of all identical chairs for a dining table in Sweden. That’s why you should mix them and play with shapes and materials, but keep the colors toned.

Go Natural and Neutral

Marble, wood, metal, ceramic and glass! These are the materials for the surfaces that are covering the greatest visual part of what makes a living space, such as the floors, ceiling and large furniture pieces. You should have them in their natural color or select them in neutrals such as black, white and gray or earthy beige, brown with undertones of pastel pink, blue or green.

Green and Sustainable

Home plants and fresh flowers will provide your home with clean air and they are an inseparable part of every Scandinavian home decor. To be more in touch with nature, and to invigorate the space with brilliant colors Scandinavians use single flowers and bouquets in every room, every season of the year. Flowers spread fresh scents as well, which will bring us to the next point.


Besides flowers, fruits, candles, and freshly baked pastries, elevate your home atmosphere with scents that suit the purpose of the rooms. Select calming essential oils or aroma therapeutic diffusers that allow you to wind down in the bedroom and the bathroom. 

On the other hand, choose uplifting fragrances for the living area. The essential oils and home fragrance carries and diffusers come in beautiful bottles or designs that are the perfect accessory.  


Follow these simple tips and you’ll easily decorate your home to look and feel Scandivanin. Decorating is really embedded in the culture and it’s an ongoing project. You should think of your home as a blank canvas on which you add a few carefully picked elements. Enjoy the decorating and fun which comes with interior design!