How to Improve Customer Service as a Plumbing Contractor


Good customer service is one of the most significant things that might influence your company’s success. This is the foundation of your business. After all, no matter how good you are at what you do, you won’t be called back to the same place twice if you aren’t perceived as reliable or efficient. Poor client conduct will not win you a referral, and word of mouth is still one of the best advertising tools a professional can have.

When you own a plumbing firm, or any company for that matter, one of the most crucial aspects of running a successful business is customer service. You could be giving the best service imaginable, but if your customer service is poor, your plumbing company’s survival could be affected. 

Take Calls During Business Hours

When it comes to common plumbing problems, they can be a nightmare for homeowners. A burst pipe, for example, might flood a basement and cause significant damage if it is not repaired quickly. As a result, a quick response is critical. It all comes down to how long it takes to pick up the phone and arrange an appointment. When a potential consumer calls your business, they want their plumbing problems resolved as soon as possible.

However, if they are greeted by an answering machine or asked to leave a message, they are likely to call a competitor.

Build a Solid Online Reputation

The world of internet reputation management may appear to be a little too much for your little, family-owned plumbing business, but it should not be neglected or dismissed as something that only younger generations need.

When it comes time for the average consumer to employ a plumber, whether for a last-minute emergency repair or a long-awaited planned job, most consumers will turn to the internet for help.

Your online reputation as a local business may make or break you. Your online reviews now carry the same weight as word of mouth did in the past. Your internet reputation can not only provide you with an edge in the industry, but it can also provide you with valuable insight into what customers care about. So how do you manage your business reputation online? 

Focus on strengthening your professional profile by adding new content in the form of new social media accounts, blog entries, articles, and forum postings, as well as reviews.

Have a Team of Well-trained Employees.

As a part of your team, make sure you have people who know what they’re doing. Doing the job correctly the first time can pay off big time for your company. When a new customer calls, one of the worst things that can happen is if the person on the other end is unable to provide them with any relevant information. This gives out a bad initial impression, and you can bet that person will never approach you again.

As a result, it’s critical to invest in your workforce. Allow them to learn and grow as professionals. They, as well as your clients, will be appreciative. Because your company’s success is dependent on both you and your employees, it’s essential to keep them satisfied. Their employment satisfaction will reflect in the degree of customer service they deliver.

Follow Up on Customers

Successful plumbers understand that their work does not end when they leave the customer’s property.

Following up is crucial since it allows you to see if everything is working well and if the project was completed to the customer’s satisfaction. Evaluate client feedback and apply it to your business. According to studies, 59 percent of clients will not return after a bad customer service encounter.

If the customer is dissatisfied, it is your responsibility to determine what went wrong and correct the situation.

Show Appreciation

Show your customer that you value the fact that they contacted you. You can do this by making small, basic gestures like putting paper booties over your shoes so you don’t get their house dirty by accident.

It will mean a lot to them and will leave a positive and lasting effect on them if you do things like this. You can be sure you’ll be contacted again if a plumbing emergency arises, and your phone number will be passed on to their friends if they ever have a similar problem.

Educate Clients on New Technologies

You will be considered an expert in the plumbing field if you know a lot about advanced technologies and can explain how these advancements can improve their home. You can use this information in email newsletters to existing clients to keep your business front of mind and encourage repeat business and recommendations.

Plumbing is a competitive industry, thus maintaining a profitable business requires a client base of repeat customers. To do so, you must create an exceptional customer experience.

Always pick up the phone and follow through on your promises. This will make you and your business appear trustworthy. Surround yourself with a well-trained team of pros who can handle even the most difficult situations.