How To Incorporate Colour In Small Spaces


Don’t let a small space put you off incorporating a little colour into it! It is a common misconception that an all-white colour palette will make a small space appear larger. However, the right colour or colour combination will make even the smallest space seem large, airy, and inviting.

There aren’t actually too many rules when it comes to colour, you simply want to avoid using too many in the wrong way, or using those that clash as this could result in your small space feeling even smaller.

Here are a few tips and tricks to help you add a splash of colour and start brightening up your home:

Choosing what colours to use: It goes without saying that as long as you choose colours you like, you can’t go far wrong! Pick colours that reflect your home, your style and your personality.

Be bright and bold: Don’t be afraid to use bright and bold colours. Yellow is ideal for a smaller room, and would work perfectly with darker contrasts.

A Feature Wall: Take one wall and paint it a different or deeper colour than the others. This could be, for example, three pastel pink walls and one hot pink wall, or three painted walls with the fourth featuring coordinating, patterned wallpaper.

Unexpected Colour: Add splashes of colour to your space in unexpected places, such as a radiator or the inside of a bookshelf.

Lead into lighter colours: Use darker colours in the hallway, and lighter shades in your living room, so that it feels more spacious in comparison.

Connect spaces with shades of colour: Different colours can divide your home into their individual areas, whereas different shades of the same colour or repeated patterns can unite all the rooms. This is perfect to create a unified space in a small home.

Add colour to white walls: If you have plain walls, perhaps due to renting you can’t paint them the colour you would if it was your own house, you can still add colour to your rooms! White is an ideal backdrop as it is so versatile; it will go with anything without clashing. So think bright cushions, bold artwork, colourful flowers and eye-catching rugs.

Colour doesn’t have to be painted: There are ways to get colour on your walls without painting them; big canvases, hanging fabric and wall decals will all add colour to walls without any commitment. They can also be moved and changed with ease.

Don’t forget about the ceiling: Wallpaper and paint aren’t limited to the walls, consider adding a touch of colour to your ceiling as well.

Don’t forget about black: Adding a black element to a room will clarify and enhance all the other colours in the space.

As you can see it couldn’t be simpler to add a splash of colour to a small room, and make the space feel larger, but still homely and cosy.

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