How to Keep Your Home Maintenance Costs Low


Many of us spend years dreaming of finally getting the keys to the house of our dreams. This is hardly surprising, as having a place to call your own is one of the biggest moments of your life, but with the joy of home ownership also comes the financial responsibility and burden. 

Even if you have spent years saving up for your own home, your financial obligations don’t end once you are all moved in. Instead, you need to consider the maintenance costs that come with home ownership- which is something you may have never experienced when renting in the past. 

However, being able to afford your home’s maintenance costs doesn’t have to be as difficult as you may think. By making a few simple changes and staying on top of the work that needs doing, you can cut your costs considerably. 

Regularly Clear Out Your Gutters

While it may not be the most enjoyable or pleasant job in the world, we recommend that you take the time to regularly clear out your gutters. One of the most common home maintenance issues that homeowners have to cover the cost of is clogged gutters that are left to cause significant damage to the whole system, and even to your home itself. 

Neglecting your gutters can lead to a buildup of rain and leaves which can damage siding and soak the soil, causing foundation problems. To avoid these problems, and a considerable bill, we recommend you clear out your gutters around three times a year. 

Consider Getting Home Warranty Protection

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When you own your home, it can feel impossible to stay on top of all of the different systems and appliances you have that could breakdown at any moment. From heating and cooling systems, to electronics, and laundry appliances, the list can feel endless. So, to provide you with some security, and to avoid the constant flow of home maintenance bills, we recommend that you get home warranty protection. 

While you may already have home insurance, getting home warranty means that you can ensure all your home appliances and systems are always kept in full working order. You can explore this review to find out more about home warranty providers and the range of ways it can benefit you by saving you money on your home maintenance costs. 

Give Your Home a Facial

On a day-to-day basis it can be difficult to spot the blemishes and wear and tear that exist around your house. Therefore, we recommend you take the time to give your home a bit of an inspection and look out for any changes or updates that you need to make. From chipped and peeling paint, to small chips in the walls, by staying on top of these small issues you can avoid them becoming more of an issue and costing you most money to fix. 

Get an Energy Audit

One of the easiest and most effective ways that you can save yourself money on maintenance costs, as well as your regular monthly living costs, is by taking a look at where the energy in your home goes. While you may think that your home is energy efficient, you may be surprised to learn that you are wasting energy, which is costing you extra money. 

Adjust Your Home Each Season

As each season changes, your home is exposed to different challenges and conditions. So, we recommend that you make the necessary changes and adjustments ahead of the new seasons arrival in order to limit any serious, or expensive damage. From excessive sunlight during the summer, to extremely cold weather in the winter, your home could suffer if you aren’t prepared for the change in season. However, making necessary adjustments, such as getting your roof checked before winter hit, can be a money saving move. 

Look for a Local Handyman

There is no denying that from time to time there are going to be home maintenance costs that you can’t avoid. Sometimes you may be able to do the job yourself, but for the more complex tasks you should get in a professional handyman. Someone from the local area will be able to give you the best advice when it comes to looking after your home and is more likely to give you a fair price for the job you need doing.  

Stick to a Maintenance Schedule

We all have a list of maintenance tasks and projects that we keep meaning to get round to. But after a busy day at the office, the last thing you can feel like doing is clearing out the gutters. So, try setting a schedule and having a plan of what maintenance jobs need doing and when you will do them by. This avoids the tasks building up and costing you more money when you eventually get round to sorting them out.

While it may feel like there are too many home maintenances tasks to stay on top of, just by spending a few hours a month performing these regular tasks and by having the extra protection available to you, you can keep your home looking great and keep your home maintenance costs low and affordable.