How To Layer Your Bed Like an Interior Designer


Whether setting up your home to sell or simply wanting beautiful bed to slip into each night, layered bed linens offer the perfect accent feature to tie the whole room together. Though you may not live in a five-star hotel, with a few easy steps you can feel like you are. Here are a few helpful hints from a Brentwood interior designer to make your bed in style.

  • Dressing the Mattress

A comfy bed starts with a solid base. With the bed stripped, take a moment to clean your mattress for any dust or debris. To increase the plushiness of the bed, add a mattress pad under your sheets. Plus, since pads are washable, they help protect your mattress against stains.

  • Laying the Fitted Sheet

Once the pad is in position, affix the fitted sheet. Featuring elastic corners, these slip easily over the mattress. Simply pull taut to remove any creases or bunching.

  • Layering the Top Sheet

Too often neglected, the flat or top sheet makes your bed more welcoming. Adding an additional layer of warmth, it also protects your comforter (which is harder to clean) from stains and dirt. Place with the printed side down, folding over the top, letting sides overhang. Tuck in the hanging portions under the mattress, creating a 45-degree angle at the corners.   

  • Placing the Duvet or Quilt

Now to make your bed cozy, layer the duvet. There are dozens of great comforter, quilt and duvet options, depending on personal preference and taste. You can also layer another thinner blanket between the top sheet and duvet, which can be folded at the foot of the bed until needed.

  • Arranging the Pillows

Finally, add the pillows. For more visually appealing bedding, include smaller decorative throw pillows or shams. Depending on bed size, use two to three decorative shams, two regular shams and two boudoir pillows.