How to look like a fashion queen with minimum effort

The style is a matter of choice. No one can tell you what’s wight for you to wear as soon as you don’t feel comfortable in it. Sometimes the dress code depends on the event, therefore you have to pick up well the pieces you buy. Moreover what’s important is the quality, not the quantity. You can perfectly have only a few pieces you’ll enjoy wearing. If you know how to combine them and keep them clean always, you are always on the safer side. The following tips will help you to look like a fashion diva with minimum effort.


Classic one-colored shirt

The classic one-colored shirt with short sleeves are a great solution when you don’t know what to put on. You can either combine them with a good pair of jeans or with a skirt. Buy such shirts with no application on it. That’s what makes it classy. They fit perfectly well with any kind of shoes too, which is another advantage.


Big black sweater

The black itself is already classy. But then it comes to the size, make sure you choose the right one. Don’t make it look like you disappear inside the sweater.  It should look comfortable on you. If you decide a somewhat bigger size it can make you look slimmer. However, don’t exaggerate. Another advantage of such sweater is that it can be combined with jeans, shorts, skirts and everything. All you need is the same colored shoes and a bag according to your taste and style. Feel free to experiment.


Jeans of a good quality

Your favorite piece of clothes from the teen ages can easily fit in an extra modern combination. What you have to make sure is that the form of the jeans looks good on your body. Yet again, pay attention on the size. The over sized jeans look rather bad than good on a classy girl. The high hips model of jeans doesn’t look good on anyone. Mainly for the structure of the body. Therefore don’t only pay a fortune for the piece of clothes but be sure that looks good on you.


Jacket or coat

Different designs and multi colors are fine, however if you want to look classy, always pick a one-colored one. What doesn’t that strictly is it’s length. It can either be to your hips or somewhat longer. The sleeves are of free option as well. For example the black and royal blue coats and jackets make a perfect combination with a pair of jeans. This is the easiest way to look like a fashion queen without too much effort.


Fashion details

In order to look complete, pay attention on the jewelry. Especially avoid the cheap and plastic peaces. Something as small as button earrings looks way better than a huge piece of plastic that only calls the attention. Even the most minimal ones are recommendable. Another thing to bare in mind is to pick only one detail. Don’t turn yourself into a Christmas tree. Decide for one item at a time. It can be necklace, bracelet or a earring, but never the three things together. Another much recommendable item that you can wear always with no exception is the watch. This is probably the most beautiful fashion detail a girl can wear.


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