How To Look Put Together When You Are Busy


Do you want to know how to look put together? Although you have a busy life and don’t have the time, you can still do it. And we have some helpful tips to share with you. When you go through them, you will know the little steps that you need to take. You don’t need to spend so much time if you want to look gorgeous. Read on and find out more!

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Create your makeup routine

Makeup can make a huge difference. And you don’t need to do a full face makeup on a daily basis. Even a short 2-minute routine will make you look and feel better. All you need to do is find the proper products. A foundation or BB cream is a must if you want to look fresh. Add one light coat of mascara to freshen up the eyes. If you struggle with dark eye circles, apply some concealer. Don’t forget to apply a nice lipstick, as it can make a huge difference.

Digging through your makeup bag can take you much time. To avoid this, simply take out the products that you use on the go. Store them in a different bag to speed up the process.


Capsule wardrobe

If you lose lots of time on creating outfits, the capsule wardrobe is for you. The idea is to have a few neutral and staple pieces that you can wear all the time. Keep in mind that good quality clothing will look good without much effort. Avoid compulsive purchases and think well before buying. If you can put up more than three outfits, the item is good to go.


Get a cheap lint roller

Even if you have the most expensive clothes, it will still look bad if you have lint or pet hair all over it. Purchasing one o those cheap lint rollers is a good solution. It is a sticky tape placed over a plastic handle. Roll it over your clothes to collect all the small debris. This is especially important if you wear black clothes. Make sure that you clean your coats and trousers frequently.


Remove your makeup in the evening

You might be so exhausted in the evening, and you can’t wait to go to bed. To be honest, most of the women go to bed with their makeup on. In the morning, it will look very bad. Plus, your pores are clogged and you might wake up to acne. To make sure that you don’t do this, place your cleansing products on an accessible spot. Always plan 5 minutes in the evening for a thorough cleaning routine. It doesn’t matter if you used light or heavy makeup, make sure that you use a foamy product to rinse all the residues off your skin.


Wear jewelry

Jewelry can add a final touch to the whole outfit. A pair of nice stud earrings or a beautiful ring is a good choice for everyday looks. Feel free to go bold with statement necklaces for the evenings.