How to make a small room looks bigger


If you are thinking about a new piece of furniture that you want to buy that would solve the problem of positioning decorative details, books, and other small things, the shelf is the ideal option. Shelves are useful for every room as well, from the kitchen to the living room and bedroom to the hallway and bathroom.

Using shelves to save up space

Practical and decorative shelves make every home more functional and aesthetically appealing. The best thing is that you could find them in different shapes, sizes, and styles and that they could be placed in any space regardless of its specific and existing arrangements. And when you can’t find a suitable shelf in the store, you can buy custom made shelves. They are a piece of furniture for which there is always an option for everyone.


Practical combination

The good side of the shelf is that you can combine closed and open parts, so some small things, which we don’t want to be exposed to the eyes or to dust, can be placed in drawers and cabinets. You can often combine the design and order by yourself. As well, you can paint the shelves and cover them with new layers of material thanks to the decoupage technique.

Place the important things at your fingertips

On the shelves, we have placed everyday trifles and items at our fingertips. In the kitchen, there are bottles with spices, cleaning products, coffee cups, in the bathroom toothbrushes, perfume, towels, and other items. The usage of the shelves for scattered items, it is very practical. It saves up space and keeps the rooms clean and neat.


Five tricks that will make the room bigger

  1. The “less is more” rule is often used in the design, but more is sometimes better. For example, when it comes to materials – you won’t have any obstacles to use different materials. This will make the small space looks richer.
  2. In a small living room, you can keep wide armchairs with small armrests. This will emphasize the depth in small spaces. You will fix the face of the chair and leave the impression that there is a space ”in front” and ”behind” the chair, no matter how small is the space. In addition, the armchair will give an impression of comfort.
  3. Neutral decor doesn’t mean that the room will look boring, it is only important to use different materials and structures. The white walls in the room combine them with pastel curtains that can have small tiny stripes or shapes and place a carpet that looks like it’s woven from a straw its a great combination and it will look amazing, but none of them should stand out in color.
  4. Enrich the seating set made of one material with pillows and different fabrics, add a cover in a contrasting color. But put one pillow on each side of the couch, it will look like you don’t have a whole set of pillows. The pillows should be set in pairs and they can be in different contrast of color and fabrics. It’s better to choose smaller pillows than large ones.
  5. When you have a special piece of furniture, arrange the rest so that the room is divided into verticals and that piece is in the middle. An additional trick is to surround it with low furniture. If you have, for example, a nice mirror or a picture, place them in the middle of the wall opposite of the entrance to the room and place a table and armchair under it, so that this detail is visually the highest part of the furniture in the room.