How to Make Airport Transfers Easier


Few people actively like traveling by air, but it’s remarkably fast and convenient compared to the alternative. One of the biggest challenges you’ll face is transferring from the airport to your destination, whether it’s a hotel, a venue, or somewhere else entirely. How do you make it easier?

Use a Car Service

One highly convenient option is to use a professional car service. Airport transfers in NYC, for example, are much more streamlined, faster, and more reliable than other forms of transportation. Busy airports, like those of New York City, tend to be congested, confusing, and stressful; with a car service, you’ll have a professional, experienced driver who can pick you up and get you to your destination in style. 

With options for sedans, SUVs, vans, and buses, you can enjoy private transportation in solitude or travel with up to 54 other guests.  

Do Your Research

Another way to make airport transfers easier is to do your own research in advance. The more you understand about your surroundings, and the more knowledge you have going in, the easier this process is going to be.

Pay close attention to the following:

·       The city (and your destinations). Where are you going to land and where are you traveling after that? You should have an understanding of the layout of this city in your mind, so you can navigate on your own if necessary. You should also understand some of the strengths and weaknesses of this city in terms of transportation; for example, is the city known for its rush hour traffic jams?

·       The airport. You should also familiarize yourself with the airport. How easy is it to pick up luggage? How much access do you have to transportation options? Where is the airport in relation to hotels and other destinations?

·       Local traffic. What are traffic conditions like in this area? Is it easy for cars to pick up passengers at the airport? How long does it take to get from point A to point B?

·       Local transportation options. What transportation options are available to you? In addition to professional car services, can you use a ride sharing service? Can you take a bus or a shuttle? Are cabs available?

Time Your Flight Carefully

Next, try to time your flight carefully. Depending on when, where, and why you’re traveling, you may not have much flexibility on when your flight arrives. But if you have the option, choose a flight that avoids busy hours. Not only will you have less people to deal with on the flight and in the airport, but you’ll also have less problems with traffic. That means you’ll save time, reduce your stress, and have fewer variables to worry about.

Send Your Luggage

Dealing with luggage is a pain, especially if you have lots of items to bring. Packing minimally and only bringing a carry on could be a viable option, depending on the length of your stay and your personal needs. Otherwise, consider mailing your luggage to yourself in advance; it’s much easier to have your bags waiting for you at a hotel than to try and pick them up at the airport.

Arrange Transportation in Advance

No matter what, you should avoid improvising transportation decisions. Don’t assume you’ll be able to find reliable transportation once you’ve landed. Instead, book transportation reservations in advance and make sure you understand how you’re going to travel when you arrive.

Track Your Flight

Use mobile apps to track your flight consistently. This way, if there’s an unexpected delay or a problematic development, you’ll have enough advance notice that you can do something about it – and make alternative arrangements if necessary.

Give Yourself More Flexibility

However you can, give yourself more flexibility.

·       Simplify your trip. Make your trip simpler by reducing your number of destinations and streamlining your travels. The fewer variables there are in your trip, the fewer things can go wrong.

·       Plan your time conservatively. Always plan on more time than you think is necessary. If you think you can get from the airport to the hotel in an hour, give yourself two hours. This will buy you more time to make new arrangements when necessary – and help you stress less if something goes wrong.

·       Come up with backup options. Be ready with backup options. No matter how thoroughly or carefully you plan, there’s a chance your main options don’t pan out. You should always be prepared with alternatives, just in case.

Airport transfers may never be fun, but they can certainly be less time consuming and less stressful if you follow these strategies. Once you have more experience and more familiarity, you’ll develop a routine that works for you – and you’ll save even more time and energy.