How to Make Exposed Plumbing Pipes Look Good


In time, exposed pipes begin to show corrosion or aging, which can affect a room’s appeal aesthetically. If you want to learn how to make exposed plumbing pipes look good, here are several creative ways for you to do it.

Move Furniture to Cover the Area

There are many pieces of furniture that would easily cover an area with a pipe going up and down a wall. With a nice piece of wood décor, it would completely remove the negative aspects of the piping from a room.  If you want to keep it simple, you can alternatively build a small box to hide the pipes as well.

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Paint Pipes


One of the easiest ways to revamp pipes is by sanding and painting them to renew their look. You can choose to paint them the same color as the walls, or you can switch it up to add a new color much like you would with molding.

Cover with Materials


A way to aesthetically revamp a pipe is by buying a round material like bamboo and cutting it down one area to attach. You need to ensure the material is cuttable to navigate around the pipe’s circumference. You can also choose a round material to create an attractive, dated support pillar.

Knit a Cover for the Pipes


Knitting is trendy and fun. There are several templates for this type of project. You can measure and knit as if making a scarf to wrap around the pipes. You can also change up the colors throughout the year to create a new color palette and decor pattern.

Add a Shelf to Cover Them


If you dislike the pipes altogether, you can use them as a support to add shelving. All you need to do is add the support brackets and then add the shelving by taking in the space between the wall and the pipes. You can choose to add a few shelves or create a full wall of shelves depending on your needs and room design.

Add a Tape Finish


To make exposed pipes disappear, you can buy decorative tape and cover the pipe that adds a trendy pattern to the room. You can also secure the tape to paint or add wallpaper to finish a closed-in look.

Buy a Covering

There are plastic coverings that you can buy to enclose exposed pipes. As stickered covers have an opening on one side, it makes it a quick and easy process to complete.

Use Them to Hang Items


If your pipes have curves and dimensions along your wall, you can use it to hang pictures or decor. You could also create a family tree that would be a focal point. Using the pipes to create vines would also add to the allure of your room. If you want to remove the pipes from sight, you can buy a curtain and hang it over the area.