According to a report released in 2019, the average amount of money spent for a kitchen remodeling project was just over $11,000. That is a big chunk of change for buying new appliances, customized cabinets, and of course, the epicenter of successful kitchen redesign projects: New kitchen counters. With kitchen remodeling projects costing five figures, it makes sense to install kitchen counters that will never go out of style.

You can add kitchen counters that will stand the test of time by following five tips on how to make sure your kitchen counters never go out of style. 

Remain Neutral

Most of us prefer to take a side when it comes to debating a wide variety of topics. When it comes to your kitchen, neutral is the word for deciding on paint color. It is not just the kitchen counters that you have to worry about to ensure the counters never go out of style. You also have to consider the color of paint you use in the kitchen. What might look like a savvy choice of a bold paint color today will clash considerably with a new kitchen counter in the future that presents a more subdued appearance. 

To remain on the safe and yes, neutral side, paint the walls in your kitchen white. The trend report also stated that nearly 45% of homeowner chose white to paint their kitchen walls. The best thing is you are not limited by the shade of white. There is an incredible amount of variety in the shade of white you can select for your kitchen walls.

Granite Has Staying Power

The material you opt for the new kitchen counters goes a long way in determining whether the kitchen counters remain stylish for years to come. If you want a unique look that stays in style, you cannot go wrong by opting for granite kitchen counters from Marble. Granite represents a stunningly beautiful natural stone that retains its visually appealing appearance over several years, even decades. Following a manufacturer recommended sealing schedule will ensure your granite counter will never stain or become discolored.

With unsurpassed durability, there is a good chance your new granite kitchen counters will outlast the cabinets and the appliances. Since no two slabs of granite look the same, you can customize the design of the new kitchen counters to blend seamlessly with the current kitchen décor. When the time comes to change up how other parts of the kitchen look, you should have no problem finding the right décor combination to hang with the granite kitchen counters.

Don’t Forget Marble

With distinct veining, the natural stone marble offers another option for making sure your new kitchen counters never go out of style. As the most popular alternative to granite, a marble kitchen counter will reflect both natural and artificial light to boost the energy of the busiest room in your home. Around at least since the days when the Romans ruled the world, sleek marble has remained stylistically relevant for centuries. This means that by installing kitchen counters, your new accessories will never go out of style. Keeping your marble counters in style requires just a little regular cleaning, as well as adhering to a manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule.

An Island among a Kitchen Oasis

When you think of kitchen counters, you probably close your eyes and see the counters running across one of the walls in the kitchen. Yes, kitchen counters typically are designed to be bookends to the sink and the dishwasher. However, you can redefine the role of a kitchen counter and ensure the counters remain in style by installing a counter island in the middle of your kitchen.

A kitchen counter island represents the ideal place to set up shopping for prepping the ingredients you need to serve delicious meals. An island is also the perfect location for entertaining guests, as well as family members. As with kitchen counters that line one of the walls, you can customize the color, finish, and design theme of your new counter island to blend in with everything else in your kitchen.

Go Subway with Tile

Let’s say you plan to undertake an extensive kitchen remodeling project that exceeds the average cost of a kitchen remodel at $11,000. You do not have to cut corners by opting for an inferior counter material. You simply visit your local home improvement store to ask the professional at the customer service desk to cut you hundreds of subway tiles for building kitchen counters. With dozens of attractive styles such as backsplash, metallic, and sea glass, you will be able to install kitchen counters that never go out of style.

One question many homeowners ask is should they decide on the kitchen counters first or should they wait to see how the rest of the kitchen design unfolds. The best device is to make style decisions on other kitchen remodeling projects, before taking on the task of making sure your kitchen counters never go out of style.