How To Make The Vase Flowers Last Longer


Do you want to make the vase flowers last longer? We have some helpful tricks to share with you. Once you go through all of them, you will be able to keep those pretty flowers for more than a few days.

A vase with fresh flowers will always bring good vibes to your home. But sometimes, it will cost you money to replace them often. Or, your garden doesn’t yield blooms that quickly, so that you can replace them often. The solution is to prolong the life of fresh flowers.

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You need to give the flowers the conditions that it had. You will need to provide nutrients for them. Also, you should make sure that no bacteria will develop in the water of the vase.

There are many ways to do that. We share the tricks that really work with you!


Cut them correctly

If you want your flowers to stay fresh for longer, you should properly cut them. This applies only if you take flowers from your garden. Skip this step if you buy flowers from the florist. Cut the stem 0.5 inch at the ends. The cut should be done at a 45-degree angle. Use a sharp tool to do the cutting, otherwise, it will just rip through the stem.



Remove the leaves

Do the flowers have leaves at the bottom? Make sure that you remove them right away. The leaves will start to rot in the water. This will help bacteria develop, and your flowers will die sooner. Also, the rotten leaves will smell very bad. If you want a lush and green look of your flowers, leave the leaves that are above the water.


Secret tricks to make the flowers last longer

As we said, it is all about feeding your flowers and keeping the water bacteria-free. Did you know that a few household ingredients can help you with this?

  • Add a few drops of alcohol like vodka. This will disinfect the water and keep it clean.
  • Flowers need food to survive. The perfect food for them is sugar. You can add some clear soft drinks. Or, simply dissolve a spoon of sugar in the water.
  • A copper coin can also do the trick. Place one in the vase, as it will be an acidifier and fight bacteria.
  • A crushed Aspirine can work too. Dissolve it in the water before you put the flowers in.

After reading these cool tricks, you can implement them. Whether it is a flower arrangement for your special event or just a decorative piece for your home, now you know how to keep it last for a longer time.

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