How To Make Your Home Warmer


No matter what state you call home, you’ll know that it can get very cold from time to time. The good news is that you can keep yourself and your family warm. No matter what Mother Nature is doing, your home can be a warmer place to be. 

Here’s how to make your home warmer:

Insulate The Attic 

One of the first things you could do is insulate the attic. Attic Pros can ensure that there is no hot air escaping from this part of your home. 

When your attic is insulated it makes your home feel much warmer. Less hot air will escape from your roof. As a result, your whole home could be much warmer. 

Insulate The Walls 

Your walls can help hot air to escape or keep it in.  A good way for you to keep the hot air in is by insulating the walls. You will have to hire someone to do the work for you. However, you can end up with a very warm home that is a pleasant place to be.

Check Your Doors And Windows 

Your doors and windows might not be as efficient as you think. Even newly built houses can have issues with the doors and windows.

  • Check every door to see if there’s a draught
  • Check every window to see if there’s a draught coming through
  • Make sure you can securely close every window and door
  • Ask a professional to re-seal your doors and windows, if necessary 
  • Use thick drapes to help keep the draughts out 

You may be surprised just by how warmer your home is. Take a look at your doors and windows today. 

Update Your Thermostat 

A really good way for you to help your home to stay warm is by updating your thermostat. New thermostats such as smart ones, can help to keep your home warmer. They can keep your home at a consistent temperature, should you wish it to. 

Some smart thermostats will even allow you to turn your thermostat up via your cell phone. 

Use Carpets On Your Floors 

A very easy way for you to keep your home warm is by using carpets on your floors. 

Carpets can help to keep the warm air in. They can also feel very warm under your feet

Consider using carpets on as many of your floors as you can. 

Keep Internal Doors Closed 

When the weather is cold you can help to keep your home warm. A really easy way to do this is by closing your internal doors. Keeping these doors closed can help air to stay trapped in the rooms. 

You can close:

  • Bedroom doors
  • Kitchen doors
  • Living room doors
  • Bathroom doors

And any other doors that you have in your home.

It is possible for you to keep your home warm. No matter what Mother Nature is doing, you and your family can be nice and warm inside. Use the above tips to help you stay warm.