How To Make Your Garage Door A Lot Less Noisy


If you can feel the garage door opening when you are inside the house then this is the perfect signal that it is time to look into ways to make your garage door less noisy. There might not be anything wrong with the door, but it is annoying to listen to every time. 

Not only is it annoying for you, but I’m sure your neighbors are not loving the noise it makes either. There are things you can do about it. First off, you can hire a Phoenix, AZ garage repair technician if that is where you live. Or, you can try to take care of it yourself first.

In this article, we will go over some ways you can make the door less noisy on your own before you call a professional. 

Keep it maintained

Prevention is the best medicine so taking care of your garage door is key to keeping it running quietly. Once it starts getting squeaky and running roughly, then this is the time to get working on taking care of it before it gets worse. 

Start out by tightening everything up. Anyplace you see a nut, take a wrench and see if it is loose. These loose nuts and bolts will rattle and make a lot of noise. The key to making your door quieter is to lessen the vibrations it makes. 

The next step is to lubricate everything. Literally every moving part of the garage door needs some grease on it. You can use WD-40 to get into the tough to reach places, but for the tracks, rollers and chains, an industrial grease is best. This will really quiet it down and should be done once per year before it starts making noise again. 

Upgrade the parts

Your garage door likely was built with some cheap parts to save on the final price. However, there are a lot of aftermarket parts that are much higher quality and will actually work better. For instance, you can replace the rollers that are likely made of metal to ones that are made with nylon. These are expensive, but dead quiet, last a long time and don’t require lubrication so they are easier to maintain. 

Cover it up

There are a lot of parts and pieces that rub and bang into each other causing the noise. Many of these parts can be covered in rubber or foam to make it quieter. If you are very handy then you can actually take the motor of the opener off and then put some rubber gaskets around where it attaches. This will prevent a lot of vibrations and lead to a much quieter operation. 

Check the alignment

Over time, parts start to settle or move around. The noise may be coming from something like the locking bars not being aligned. Look for the lock bar and if it is hitting the track then this means it’s not aligned. Find the brackets that attach it to the door and loosen them up. Then tap it in the direction you need it to go to be evenly aligned and then tighten everything back up.