How To Make Your Hair More Voluminous


Do you want to make your hair more voluminous? If you have thin and fine hair, then this is definitely the thing that you are looking for. And you have probably tried many products that didn’t work. But, keep in mind that it isn’t impossible. There are a few ways to do this. Plus, the option to wear beautiful human hair lace front wigs is always available for you to try.

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Cut layers

Next time when you visit your hair salon, ask for a layered haircut. These will increase the volume and frame your face nicely. Plus, you can style your hair in so many different ways.


Use volumizing shampoo

When buying shampoos, you should look for the ones that promise volume. Avoid using shampoos for damaged and dry hair, as these will weigh your hair down. Look for ones that are meant for more volume. Also, avoid conditioners that make your hair greasy. Go for lighter options that will still provide moisture.


Use volume mousse

If you are thinking about getting a product to increase the volume, get a good hair mousse. This type of product is meant to be applied to the roots. It will lift up the roots and provide your hair with the needed volume.



Teasing is the good old practice to increase the volume. Backcomb a strand of hair and settle with hairspray. This is a great way to lift up the roots on your second day. also, it is a great way to style a hairdo such as a braid or a bun.


Part your hair on the other side

If you part your hair on the left side, do it now on the other side. Or the opposite. Switch it on the other side to get a voluminous touch. This small hack makes a huge difference in your hairstyle.

When blowdrying your hair, flip it upside down. This way you will prevent the roots from being flat. When you flip the hair back, you will notice that there is a huge difference. Blowdry with a large round brush, away from the temples. This will bring the additional volume.

Now when you know the secret tricks, you can start implementing them in daily life. Start to check products and read reviews to find the ones that work the best for you. Also, you should start trying the other tricks. What do you think? Do you have any other tricks to add to this list?