How To Make Your High Heels More Comfortable To Wear


Everyone loves to buy a new pair of heels that they can pair with their favorite dress or skirt and t-shirt combination. Of course, heels can look amazing, but they can also really hurt your feet after a while of wearing them. This is why we have put together some tips on how you can make your high heels a lot more comfortable to wear. Keep reading if you’d like to find out more.


Buy Good Quality Heels

Our first tip for those who want to make wearing high heels a lot more comfortable is to buy some good quality shoes. If you buy some good quality high heels then you know that they will last a lot longer and that the material will be much more comfortable. Don’t try to save money on your heels if you are only going to be causing yourself pain. Choose a good quality material and heel and you should be more comfortable.

Tape Your Toes

If you find that you have chosen good quality heels, but you are still suffering from pain then you should think about taping your toes. This is something which is done all the time by ballerinas who spend a lot of time on their toes. This will feel a little uncomfortable at first but if you tape the third and fourth toes together then you will find that you can actually reduce the amount of pressure that is on the balls of your feet. This will make your high heels a lot more comfortable to wear.

Choose Thicker Heels

One of the biggest causes of pain when it comes to high heels is the long thin heels that many people choose to wear. These can look amazing, but they often cause a lot of problems for those who wear them on a regular basis. This is why you should think about choosing a thicker heel that will be a lot more comfortable. On top of this, you should be able to walk in them a lot more easily, so you won’t need to worry about falling over in front of anyone.

Look At The Arch

Do you find that you are always choosing heels which have a really big arch? This could be the cause of your pain, so this is something to avoid. Think about choosing high heels with a smaller arch that is going to support your feet a lot more throughout the day and put less strain on them. This is why many people choose platform heels in order to keep their arch at a reasonable height. Make sure to choose a shoe with a comfortable arch and you will be able to wear them for much longer.

Protect Against Blisters

Our final tip for those who want to make their high heels more comfortable to wear is to try to protect against blisters. Blisters can sometimes appear on your feet because of the friction that occurs, and this can be very painful when you are wearing high heels. Think about buying some products that will help to stop blisters from appearing and make your shoes a lot more comfortable to wear. You’ll find that there are plenty of products that you can choose from in your local pharmacy.

If you are someone who likes to wear high heels all of the time, then you should make sure to take on board our advice to make them more comfortable to wear. Protect yourself against blisters, choose thicker heels and always go for the good quality option.