How to make your home look perfect for fall


We can all feel the cold breeze and the fresh rainy mood and yet we aren’t so prepared for it. The time of the year when you go out with a t-shirt and come back freezing and regretting you didn’t take a jacket with you. Or leaving the house without taking an umbrella with you, and rain surprise you unequipped. Let’s now focus on the creative side of fall, the decorating, the romantic, relaxed side, when everything seems so perfect as it is. And you still have time to welcome it with open hands.

I suppose you have some ideas on a mind to put you in decoration for the fall, if not, stay here and check these pretty artsy tips for decorating your favorite place, without much of an effort, and still have a fall in your home.

Focus on fall flowers

Decoration without flowers is no decoration at all. Even for fall. Besides the dry flowers bought from the store, you can keep it dry and give an even prettier look. Climb the nearest mountain and get a fresh bouquet. Start from your eating table. Orange, yellow, burgundy, start with these darker tones and set the table for your family and your guests who will be stunned by the fall look on it. Of course, flowers shouldn’t be left. If you are not into dry plants, check stores for fresh flowers that can survive colder temperatures.

Pumpkins everywhere

Let’s remind us what fall is known for and those cute elegant pumpkins on the floor, terrace, or on the table as masterpieces and enjoy looking at them. Either you will color the pumpkin in metal, golden tone, or just make a vase out of it, you won’t make a mistake experimenting with the fallest fruit of all. Our recommendation is to choose tiny pumpkins. Get your painting set and make the art out of it. Dots, lines, everything is allowed.

Plaid pattern is a fall pattern

We don’t know a pattern that suits more for fall than plaids. Choose a blanket, a pillow, or some tiny details with a plaid pattern and let the fall get in your bedroom. Even the dining room can be satisfied with some plaid table linens and mix it with flowers and fruits representing the fall and the best dining decoration goes to you.

Light it up

Smooth lighting would be perfect to make summer-fall transit more romantic and relaxed. There are plenty of fun lighting bulbs to put in your living room. Another option is to put candles, especially pumpkin scented, in fancy DIY jars. Don’t forget your front door and porch and put some lightings there. Remember that overfilling with lights can give an image of a winter decoration instead of a fall one.  

Whether you choose one or all of these tips, I am sure you can use your creativity in the best way. You now have an inspiration to survive this moody weather. Try adding these decorations a little extra art and surprise your loved ones with fall in your home.