How To Make Your Jewelry Work For Every Season


Summer jewelry is often fun, bold, and out there. When you’re showing more skin then eaves more real estate for your jewelry to shine. As the weather cools down and you start wearing more layers your styling may need to get a bit more creative. If you’re wearing a chunky sweater a dainty necklace stack might be obscured. If you’re rocking a long sleeve shirt then your bracelet might be lost under all the fabric. 

Selecting the right accessories for the season can make all the difference. Dress up your favorite chunky sweater with a pair of bold hoop earrings. Elevate a sleek black turtleneck with a row of bangles. Make your favorite leather jacket and jeans even cooler with a stack of chunky gold rings. 

We also love anklets for Autumn. You can rock a dainty anklet with a midi dress and booties. You can pair your favorite cropped denim with a chunky anklet and silky blouse. If you’re heading for a night out and you want to spice up your favorite pumps an ultra-light anklet can add a hint of sparkle. 

Your jewelry needs to work for every season so take a look at your collection to reimagine ways of wearing your favorites. Have a favorite gold necklace you want to wear all winter? Buy a chain extender to wear it over sweaters or wear form-fitting turtlenecks with the necklace over top. Looking to bring your favorite bracelets into the cool season? Go for chunkier options, wear them loose, so they can slide down your wrist, and peek out of your long-sleeved tops. 

Styling your jewelry collection for winter is all about having fun. While your winter wardrobe palette might be more neutral focused you can add colorful or bold accessories to balance out the bland. Dress up your comfiest black leggings with a dramatic hoop earring or a row of chunky silver rings. You can get creative by mixing metals when your outfit is more subdued. 

No matter your personal style your jewelry can work in every season. If you are in need of a winter upgrade when it comes to jewelry we say go for long necklaces, chunky bracelets, and unique rings. These three items can help elevate any winter outfit from casual to ultra-cool.

Another easy way to introduce jewelry into your winter wardrobe is to try a handbag with a chain strap, boots with chain accents, or bedazzled accessories. These are super on-trend right now and are easy to recreate with affordable options. You can swap out the existing strap of your favorite bag for a refreshing touch.

Styling your jewelry collection for the winter months is easier than you think. If all else fails, go back to basics, and wear what you truly love. A few well-chosen pieces can easily elevate any outfit. Regardless, your best accessory is always confidence. Nothing looks better than a big smile and confident strut.