How to make your kitchen feel luxurious


A well-organized kitchen creates a feeling of modern luxury. 

1. Organization 

There are many benefits to a well-organized kitchen. The more you organize your kitchen, the less time you’ll spend searching for utensils or clearing clutter. But what if that organization could come from design rather than constant cleaning? An organized kitchen involves more than just putting things away nicely. Having drawers and cabinets that are designed so that everything in them can be easily accessed, that are built to increase storage space. This enables you to move around the area quickly and efficiently to improve the functionality of your kitchen. 

2. Quality Cabinet Door Finishes and Styles 

Having proper finishes and door styles completely changes the feel of your kitchen. Door Styles without handles make your kitchen instantly feel more luxurious. These are commonly designed with an integrated channel along the top of the cabinet or with a push to open mechanism. As for finishes, adding a wood veneer, matte, or high gloss finish are common in modern kitchen cabinets

3. Proper Lighting

Adding lighting inside or underneath the cabinets is often done in high end kitchens. Furthermore, using unique lighting fixtures will also add a bespoke touch to your space. 

4. Matching your countertop with your backsplash. 

By using the same stone or material for your countertop and backsplash you create an incredibly seamless and luxurious design. You will only see this in very high end kitchens, but it is absolutely stunning. 

5. Slim Drawer Boxes

Almost all luxury drawer systems include slim walls. They create much more space. Furthermore, these modern drawer systems include soft close mechanisms and dovetail joints. These create a luxurious feel when opening and closing your drawers. 

6. Pull out Drawers and Layered Shelving. 

A modern, luxurious design often involves installing layered shelving in your kitchen cabinets. This is an especially effective tool when you have tall cabinets because it makes good use of the vertical space. 

You can also install pullout drawers or pullout shelving. These options add a surprising amount of space and efficiency to your drawers and shelves and thus make it much easier to properly organize your kitchen area. This, as a result, makes your kitchen feel more luxurious. 

7. Install Doors That Open Upward (Use a lift mechanism for upper cabinets) 

Kitchen cabinets with doors that open upward rather than outward. Lift systems were created to make moving within a kitchen a more seamless experience. When cabinets lift upward instead of out they are not in your way and don’t have to worry about hitting your head on the cabinet doors. 

They provide much more functionality and they give your kitchen a contemporary style. You can reach items from your upper cabinets fast and with ease.  With a lift mechanism the cabinet doors move up and out of your way all while staying put where you leave them.