How To Make Your Wedding Look Expensive

Do you want to know How To Make Your Wedding Look Expensive? We have the ultimate guide for you. Once you go through our tips, you will understand the most important steps that you should undertake. And no, you don’t have to pay lots of money if you want your wedding to be perfect. There are a few tricks that you can take advantage of. So, read on and find out more!

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Pick a color scheme

Using random colors will make the reception look cheap. Instead, go for a cohesive and expensive look by using one simple trick. Pick a color scheme and stick to it. The choice of color is up to your taste. Pick one or more colors and stick to them when you choose the decorations, tables, invites, and floral decorations.


Use voluminous flowers

Flowers are a must for every wedding, as they add a touch of elegance. But, you really don’t have to splurge on fresh roses. Get floral arrangements that look full and voluminous. This is the secret styling trick that will improve the look. Pick cheaper flowers that are larger and more voluminous such as hydrangeas or baby’s breath. Keep in mind that some flowers might be cheap, but be less voluminous. When checking different prices, make sure that you consider the volume.


Decorate with lights

Lights can bring a romantic atmosphere and change the look. and you really don’t have to pay might money. Feel free to get creative and get some cheap solution that you can make by yourself. You can get those pretty string lights and decorate the space. Or, you can light lots of candles around.


Use tulle

Tulle is a very cheap fabric that you can buy for decor. This can help you create a nice backdrop for your photos, or hide ugly items. You can decorate the chairs with a nice tulle material or even the entryway.


Simple tricks for the table setting

A simple but elegant table setting will do all the difference. You can wrap the napkins with a ribbon and add a fresh herb branch. You can add a lavender stem to any other flower that will fit your idea. Add some printed menus to complete the look and give it an elegant note. Also, you can add small favors for the guests on each plate.

Once you have finished checking these tips, you ready know the secret tricks about how to make your wedding look expensive without spending much. What do you think?


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