How to Master the Modern Vintage Look


Modern vintage is one of the most fashionable styles available for men. It has been a favorite for gentlemen for quite some time, and the trend is expected to continue for years to come. Men have every reason for adopting this style: it’s classy, tasteful, refined and interesting, all at the same time. Learn how you can master the modern vintage look and choose to be a true gentleman.


Retro Glasses

Eyeglasses or sunglasses, it doesn’t matter: retro frames are awesome for both. A classy pair of retro glasses can take your vintage outfit to the next level. You can choose from round or square frames, as long as they reflect the style of the 40s and 50s. You can look into brands like Ray-Ban or Police, or high-end designers like Gucci, Armani or Dolce & Gabbana if your budget is generous.


Chinos: we all have them in our closets, but we don’t make the most of their flexibility. Our favorite pants should also be a basic piece for a modern vintage outfit; go for any shade of brown and slightly roll up the ends at the ankles. Good pairs of chinos can be bought for great prices from shops like H&M, ASOS, or River Island. For premium quality, you can look into Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger or Ralph Lauren.


Vintage Bag

Vintage bags are literally as vintage as you can get, while maintaining a modern approach to the style. Most vintage bags are made of authentic leather, usually in brown, beige, or some other shade of the sort. One of the best aspects regarding vintage bags is that they are usually designed in a “messenger” style, so you can casually drape it over your shoulder and continue with your daily errands. You can get an army style vintage messenger bag to top off your retro outfit with instant class.


‘40s Hairstyle

It’s no wonder why so many celebrities in Hollywood are getting vintage haircuts: they turn any boy into a man and a man into a gentleman. An essential part of mastering the modern vintage look is mastering the irresistible hairstyle associated with those times. If you need a clear direction when you go to get your hair cut, you can easily mention almost any character from Mad Men (we all know the series) as a reference. Keep it sharp, fellows, keep it sharp.


From Frank Sinatra to Johnny Depp, the fedora has been around for quite a few decades and is still going strong today. Lucky for you, it is also one of the basic “ingredients” you need for your modern vintage recipe. You can find a huge variety of fedoras at Nordstrom, Brixton, and basically any other shop that comes with menswear and accessories.



There is a very fine line between nerd and vintage cool when it comes to suspenders. This accessory can make or break your outfit, so you should really be careful when wearing them. Generally speaking, suspenders work for modern vintage style when slim-fit jeans or trousers and an equally slim-fit shirt. For a boost of retro style, you can add a vest to your suspenders outfit. You can find your new pair of suspenders at Suspenders Store or on Amazon or EBay.

Earth Tones

As a quick Google search can prove to you, the main colors associated with men’s vintage style are earth tones. This means that you can play around with brown, green, navy, beige, khaki or burgundy all you want, but, please, stay far away from flashy or neon colors. You can spice up your modern vintage outfit with a bit of red or blue, but keep it as natural as you can.


Bow Tie

When individuals think of modern vintage style for men, the first accessory that probably pops into their minds is the bow tie. It looks amazing with the suspenders we were talking about earlier, and you can really get creative with the pattern and design. Remember what we said about spicing up your outfit with some color? A bow tie is a fine way to do so. Of course, you can wear a bow tie in an earthy tone, but we just wanted to point out that you have an alternative at hand. Check out Ties, The Tie Bar or Men’s Wear House for good deals on bow ties.

Arthur Bio: Arthur Lamber is a young and passionate freelance writer who covers the most recent fashion trends. He respects the elegance and power of a well-tailored suit.