How to Mix Up Your Home Décor to Add Interest


It’s great to design a room where every item is compatible However, too much uniformity can be extremely boring. The most creative interior designers put home furnishings together in unusual combinations to create a fascinating, highly individualized look. Here’s how you can mix up your home décor for a truly unique effect.

Combine Furniture Styles

One way to choose living room furniture is to get it all in the same style. However, if you’d like to give your room a more interesting effect, it’s perfectly fine to choose a piece of furniture or two that’s a different style to create a fusion of styles. Just remember that too many different styles can make your room look chaotic. Chose just two styles for the best results.

For example, you can combine mostly modern furniture with a few pieces of vintage furniture to get a look that’s both sleek and sassy. Or, you can add a country style piece to a traditional furniture grouping to make a scene that comes right out of rural America. Check customer reviews for even more creative combinations.

Mix Up Materials

Everything in your room doesn’t have to be made of the same materials. You can switch it up by using a simple side chair with metal legs alongside an overstuffed upholstered easy chair. You can also do this with accessories.

For instance, you can decorate your walls with both macramé hangings and modern art. Place shiny objects side-by-side with soft fabric accessories. Don’t worry that you’re breaking the rules. Instead, use your imagination and your decorator’s sense to find the combination that pleases you.

Layer Textures

Using different textures makes for a visually appealing scene. It also encourages people to touch the soft, rough, or smooth fabrics and items you choose. One way to put textures together is to use throw pillows. Layer the textures for a pleasing effect.

Place a pillow with a bumpy fabric on top of smooth satin or crisp cotton one. Or, put a soft, plush pillow on top of a sleek leather sofa. The variations excite the senses and enhance your guests’ experience in your home.

Add Contrasting Accent Colors and Patterns

This is an old trick, but it’s definitely worth considering. If you do prefer a monochromatic or muted color scheme, add splashes of bright contrasting color. Pay attention to where you’re placing the bold colors, though.

Remember that these accents catch your eye and draw it to the areas of the room you want to show off most. You can also accent with bold designs. For instance, in a room where the furniture is all solid colors, throw in a chair with a colorful embroidered design or a throw pillow with a geometric pattern.

Look for a Wide Selection

To really let your imagination go, you need to find a furniture company that has a very wide selection of items to consider. Look for a website with thousands of furniture and accessory options. Then, browse through the items, searching for ideas that appeal to you. Let your inner child come out to play. Then, when your room is put together the way you’ve designed it, it will be beautiful, fascinating, and uniquely yours.