How to Modernize an Old Truck


While plenty of people still appreciate the truck as the workhorse of consumer vehicles, it is becoming increasingly clear that trucks are also icons of social status. New truck models are just as flashy as sports cars, and they carry similarly exclusive price tags.

If you own an older truck, you can transform it into a modern symbol of luxury living with a few simple changes that could even improve its performance. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Lift Kit

Lift kits for trucks provide the utility of increasing the vehicles’ ground clearance, making it easier, safer and more comfortable to navigate on rough roads. Lifting your truck will also make it easier to haul and tow heavier loads, as lifting can mitigate effects like squatting that makes hauling and towing more difficult and more dangerous. Yet, another added benefit of installing a lift kit is that your truck will dominate the visual landscape of the road. Bigger and higher than other vehicles, your truck immediately becomes more impressive, increasing its social value.

Offroad Bumpers

Bumpers are generally made to deform, absorbing energy during a crash to protect the main vehicle and any passengers inside. However, when you take your truck offroad, you need special bumpers that will protect your vehicle from the hazards of the environment. Offroad bumpers are made from steel, which will not dent, scratch or otherwise take damage lightly. Plus, offroad bumpers typically come with additional features, like a higher clearance, mounting points, winches, bright aftermarket lights and more. In addition to the practicality of offroad bumpers, these features further increase the formidableness of your vehicle, grabbing viewers’ attention and earning respect.


A stock truck can be difficult enough to comfortably step into, and the addition of a lift kit and other modifications can make it all but impossible for someone with a smaller frame or less mobility to reach the inside of the cab. The solution: steps. Side steps, running boards, nerf bars — all these solutions attach securely to the underside of your truck to improve the cabin’s ease of access. Not only does your truck look more modern thanks to this flashy and functional update, but you will look cooler stepping into and out of your truck thanks to this change.

New Grill

A grill is one of the easiest aftermarket augmentations you can make on your truck, and it can revolutionize how your old truck looks. Most stock grills are held on with only a handful of bolts, and you can find a great many options that radically improve the look and feel of your vehicle. A popular style for F150s is the Raptor grill, which features three lights, you should find a grill that fits your personal aesthetic.

New Lights

Automobile lighting trends change faster than any other single element, so updating the lights around your truck goes a long way to giving it contemporary flair. Some lighting components you might want to pay particular attention to include:

Headlights. Old, yellow halogen headlights are a dead giveaway of an old, outdated vehicle. You should install LED headlights that provide greater illumination of the roadway and provide the look of the 21st century.

Taillights. Generally, you want your taillights to match your headlights to provide your truck with a cohesive and attractive look.

Fog lights. Mounted low on a vehicle, fog lights are essential for cutting through fog and for providing illumination for trucks that are lifted especially high. You should install fog lights that are the same shape and color as your head- and taillights.

Light bar. Light bars look incredibly futuristic and high-end, as currently they come standard on only the most luxurious truck makes and models. You can install aftermarket light bars on various locations around your truck, depending on what you hope to use the light bar for and how you want your truck to look.

New Wheels

After you lift your truck, you should make the most of that extra ground clearance by installing larger wheels. There are countless benefits to larger wheels, from better traction in inclement conditions to a more aggressive truck profile. Plus, because your older truck has likely see plenty of miles on its old wheels, some new ones could make your ride smoother and more comfortable.

Few people enjoy driving a vehicle that looks and feels out of date. With just a few aftermarket changes, you can transform your truck into the eye-catching status symbol it deserves to be.