How to move when you are broke?


Relocation at times is an unavoidable thing. The reason is as such that you have to move, irrespective of your plans. The already cumbersome process becomes more difficult when you have limited or no money with you.

It is common knowledge that moving is an expensive affair. You need to expand a significant amount of money to ensure you hire the best movers, have safe moving arrangements and the best facilities to make your move safe and secure.

Expert movers associated with iMoving state that moving on a tight budget is tough. As important as it is to make a moving checklist, it is equally important to have a moving budget as well as enough money to bear the moving expenses.

But what when you are broke? Well, the experts have suggestions for your tight budget constraints as well. In the article, we have compiled a list of the best moving hacks that you can use and save a lot of money on your next move. So, let’s get started:

 Know the cost of hiring a professional Vs. DIY move:

One common mistake that most of us commit is assuming that hiring a professional moving company will be an expensive affair. While hiring a moving truck or container appears as a lucrative option, most of the people spend a lot of effort and time in a DIY move only to realize that hiring a full time mover would have cost them a lot less resources. Here are a few tips that will help compare the cost of DIY and hiring professional movers:

1-      Get a minimum of three moving quotes from different companies and compare. Irrespective of the common notion, negotiating with the movers is possible. The cost of the move depends upon the time of the year and week. If you choose to move during winter and mid-week, you can crack an affordable deal.

2-      Make sure you check the company background. You can also check the status of the moving company with the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Safety and Fitness Electronic Records System. If you find any red flag, consider DIY or choose another mover.

3-      If you find a DIY move more affordable, make sure you do not pick a busy day. Whether you hire a full-fledged moving truck or use your own vehicle to drive, you will never get the desired gas mileage if you choose a day when the chances to get stuck in the traffic are high.

Work on the utility shut-down rates:

There are a few utility companies that do not provide bill prorate options as of your departure date. If your moving date differs from your bill cycle, try cutting off the utility well in advance, instead of paying for an extra month. There are also utility companies that offer free of charge transfer of the utility, try contacting them.

Work on the moving size:

If possible, ditch some or all of your moving stuff. The size of the inventory is one of the key determiners of the cost you will have to pay to the moving company. Even if you plan to hire a moving truck, the cost will depend on the size of truck you want, which again depends on the size of your moving inventory. You must know what to include in your inventory and what not to regulate your moving size.

Follow your moving list seriously:

When you have made a moving list, make sure you follow it very strictly. The sheer motive of making a moving list is to eliminate moving mistakes, no repetitive tasks and all necessary work done before the move. If you are moving to a distant town, the last thing you will want is to forget some of the inventory back at your old home. You won’t be able to make a trip to the old home back and forth so ensure that you have a checklist with the details of all your items, a timeline for different tasks and everything that you need to do and arrange. Check against each task and items as you fulfill the task.

Get free moving supply:

One of the most popular ways to cut down your moving costs is to arrange moving boxes for free. Yes, there are several ways you can arrange free moving boxes. The statistics state that for an average sized move, you will need 120-150 boxes. Buying that many boxes is not a feasible choice, especially when you are running on a short budget. So, better reach out to your local grocery store or a retail store and ask them for used boxes. These boxes are usually in new like condition and you can easily use them for packing your belongings.

These are some of the best ways to make your move affordable. Use them and make sure you move easily and safely under a budget.