How to Organize a Small Bedroom with a Lot of Stuff


There is nothing worse than having a crowded or cluttered bedroom. It even becomes difficult to get sleep when a pile of laundry is lying in the corner. It gets even worse if you have a small bedroom with a lot of stuff. How can you keep your small bedroom organized and neat?

Organizing a small bedroom is not a tough job.  You just need to come up with ideas on how to store things in your bedroom. I will give you some great ideas you can implement to organize your small bedroom with a lot of stuff.

Cleanse your wardrobe

Having excess items in your wardrobe causes disorganization. You need to check your wardrobe and eliminate anything that you have not worn in the recent months. Only leave the clothes that you use and this will make your wardrobe organized.

Remove items from your nightstand

If you have a lot of stuff in your bedroom and the furniture is limited, you might be tempted to pile all your items onto the nightstand. The best thing you can do is to look for a nightstand with drawers. This will help you to keep items in the drawer and free the top of your nightstand. You should only leave a few items on the top such as a small dish to keep your earrings or tissue boxes. Again, if you want to create more space, you can mount the lamps on the wall.

Maximize the space beneath your bed

Having an organized bedroom promotes better sleep for you. If you have a bed that has ample space beneath, this can create more space to keep items like shoes and the off-season clothes. All you need to do is to ensure that everything under your bed is organized.

Keep your bedroom free of clutter

You need to create a calming environment in your bedroom no matter how small it is. Try as much as possible to keep it free of clutter. Having a messy room makes it feel like a cage. But if you keep your small bedroom organized, you create a calming environment that promotes better sleep and relaxation.

Make your bed

When you wake up and leave your bed messy, it gives your bedroom a bad appearance. If you have a small bedroom, making your bed makes it look cleaner. Arrange the pillows nicely and tuck in the sheets well.

Wash dirty clothes

Having dirty clothes in your bedroom lying all over makes your bedroom look dirty too. Wash all the dirty clothes to prevent having clothes lying everywhere in your bedroom. Again, if you do not have a hamper to keep dirty clothes, you can buy one.

Hang clean clothes

Clothes take much space, especially after laundry. You should hang the clean clothes to avoid taking up more space. Keep your closet organized and hang or fold the clothes properly.

Keep your drawers tidy

Don’t keep items anyhow in the drawers. Fold all your items in an organized manner and store them in the drawers neatly. You can arrange your pants and shirts in a horizontal way instead of vertical because it will make your sorting work easier. To store smaller items like socks, belt, and lingerie, you can use a drawer organizer.

Utilize the headboard space

You can make good use of the headboard space by having shelves. This space is great to keep lamps, books, and framed photos. If you are a DIY lover, you can make your own headboard drawer or you can also choose to buy.

Final words

The bedroom is an important part of the house. It is the place when you start and end your day. If you leave it cluttered with everything lying in the wrong place, not only does it look disorganized but also locating your items can be difficult.

With the above tips, it will be pretty easy to maximize the space in your bedroom and keep all the items in an organized manner. It doesn’t matter whether you have a small or big bedroom or whether you have few or many items, the above tips will help you keep the bedroom looking neat.