How To Organize Your Entire Home With Magnets


Magnets can be really useful when it comes to keeping everything at place. These small strips or disks can be perfect space-saving solution for versatile items. So, as we are always here for you to give you the best tips, tricks and hacks, today, we would like to show you How To Organize Your Entire Home With Magnets.

Magnets can be used in different parts of your home. For instance, if you are missing some rack for storing the spices in the kitchen, you can try to make some magnetic one. You can do the same with knives. Or if you are missing some space in the fridge for storing some bottles, you can get some magnetic bottle holder. And also many of you use the fridge for arranging some magnets from the places you have visited, you can also add some magnets and some tin cans for storing some tiny items.

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Magnetic Knife Rack

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Magnetic Spice Rack

magnetic spice rack
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Magnetic Bottle Holders

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Fridge Magnet Cups

fridge magnet cups
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Magnetic Refrigerator Tin Storage

tin storage
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Magnetic Pin Dish

magnetic pin dish
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Car Key Magnetic Switch Plate Hook

magnetic key holder
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Besides using magnets in the kitchen, you can also use them in the garage for storing all of the versatile garage tools, as well as in the craft room for hanging the scissors and other craft tools.

Garage Tool Storage

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Scissors Storage

scissors storage
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Toy Car Storage

toy car storage
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You can organize all of the beauty products and tools with the use of some magnets. Make a magnetic makeup board for storing all of your eye makeup, or maybe stick magnets to nail polish bottles and thus have them organized by color or brand on a magnetic board.

Magnetic Makeup Board

diy magnetic makeup board
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Magnetic Nail Polish Board

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And of course, you can add some magnets into your bathroom too, for organizing the stuff in the medicine cabinet, or you can install a magnetic rack for storing bobby pins, tweezers etc.

Medicine Cabinet Organization

medicine cabinet
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Bathroom Organization With Magnets

bathroom storage
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As you have noticed from the above photo collection, magnets can be easily applied in different parts of your home for organizing versatile items. They can serve as a cheap storage solution and can keep your home clutter free. Tell us in the comments which one from the above ideas did you like the best, and of course, don’t forget to stay up to date with the content of Top Dreamer to find many other organization and storage ideas that will make your life easier.