How To Organize Your Jewelry


Do you think that you require fresh jewelry storage ideas? Well, we will all benefit from some for sure.  No matter how many white gold hoops you have, if you can’t clearly see them, they could as well have been lost. 

It’s one of those situations where the saying “out of sight, out of mind” is true. You eventually lose all memory of owning the engraved gold ring your grandma gave you. 

It can be challenging to combine your collection and make an enormous and organized arsenal. Jewelry can also be very delicate, therefore it’s important to keep delicate pieces carefully to prevent damage or tangling.

We’re going to provide some advice on how to keep our unique pieces organized, accessible, and secure. Continue reading for our top tips for storing jewelry.

Make an audit of the jewelry you own

It’s essential to recognize which pieces you adore and which ones you no longer need before deciding exactly how to organize your jewelry. Consider discarding or reusing any mismatched earrings, rusty jewelry, or damaged pieces that can be taking up valuable space. In addition, if trendy items no longer suit your style, you can donate them to a thrift shop and bring sentimental items to a jeweler to have them adjusted.

Clean and repair your jewelry

This is a splendid occasion to get your jewelry in peak condition. Polish any gold or silver jewelry that has been tarnished at this time. Wash your rings and pearls. Do you have a damaged necklace chain or bracelet clasp? Bring it in for repairs. Get any missing earrings backs right away. If some of the rings you own don’t fit you should definitely think about ring resizing and put them to good use.

Purchase a jewelry box

Jewelry boxes are made to keep all of your jewelry organized, safe, and simple to find when you need an accessory. They’ll keep your jewelry dust-free, visible, and safe. Additionally, they are stylish enough to be displayed or neatly placed in a wardrobe, drawer, or even beneath your bed.

Set up a specific spot for your essentials

It’s simple to fall into the routine of leaving your everyday necklaces, rings, and earrings on the table next to your bed. However, this practice increases the risk of necklace tangles or earring loss in the dead of night. Instead, keep a catch-all on your nightstand or bathroom counter to make sure your jewelry is safe until the next morning.

Get stacked drawer organizers

Employ an empty drawer in your dresser or nightstand to store jewelry if you don’t have much counter or drawer space. 

Jewelry exhibits

It’s the moment to shine! A wall or vanity counter-top exhibition may be the way to go if you wish to showcase your gems and let them shine completely. Check to see if there are any lovely jewelry displays or small trays you can use to place your jewelry on the next occasion you’re in a furniture or design store. Repurposed candle jars and vintage bottles, as well as necklace busts, are stylish necklace display options!

Although all fashion jewelry may eventually tarnish, there are many things you can do to keep your pieces looking gleaming and like new! It all depends on how you treat your parts, really! Always remember to take off your jewelry before taking a shower or working out, and keep in mind that we always advise storing jewelry in cold, dry areas (skip the humid restroom!). Be cautious when putting on sunscreen, lotion, and fragrance. Therefore put on your jewelry as the final element of your morning routine for safety.