How to organize your pantry


The pantry is one of the most challenging rooms in our home because its only function is to store things. It is made from shelves that reach out to the roof of the room and there are a billion options for organizing it. We will give you some advice on organizing your pantry and keep it in order.

What do we often keep in our pantries?

Pantries were originally made for storing food that you use to prepare meals. Therefore, in the pantries, are stored sweets, jars of spices, marmalade, jam, or vegetables like onions and garlic, all the vegetables that cannot be stored in the refrigerator. Such as potatoes, beans, rice, various kinds of pasta, coffee, tea, and many more groceries.

Other than the food, pantries are usually used for storing large plates or dishes that are rarely used. For example, plastic bags, empty crates, and large boxes are stored in the pantry as well and it is a real challenge to organize everything in the pantry and to stay in perfect order.

How to organize the pantry and save space

Since pantry shelves can get very easily clutter to the point that you can’t get around them. The best way to organize them is by categorizing them. First, analyze your pantry and see what you have in it. Make a list for everything you have in your pantry.

The next step is to categorize everything you have listed the way you like. Start with dividing things into plates, bags, drinks, spices, pasta and rice, and vegetables. Once you have categorized everything and see how much space you have left you can use that extra space for something else.

Boxes and containers

The boxes are the number one utility when it comes to organizing the shelves in the house, including the pantry. Small boxes and bowls can be used for prepared meals, while larger boxes are suitable to store vegetables and placed on the bottom shelve or the ground. As a result, it will keep the food fresh as long as possible. Spices are the best to keep in glass containers, while wooden boxes are best used for vegetables.

Place drawers

If you are skilled with tools, you can also build drawers or assemble them from shelves, if not you can buy portable drawers in any furniture or utensils store. These drawers are best used for storing smaller things such as spices, utensils, or drinking sets.


We ofteWe often find amazing solutions when it comes to organizing the bathroom, and these ideas can be used for the pantry as well. Towel hooks are a perfect addition to hang cooking utensils, while a wall organizer with lots of smaller containers can be great for storing spices.

A place for the lids

With a few boards, you can make lid holders and place them on the wall or the pantry door. By doing this, you will never lose a lid or misplace it and it can be a great place for the plates, thus making them more visible and within reach.

Swivel mat

If you have a lot of marmalade, jam or other spreads or many types of cereals that you use often, you can use a mat. Get a swivel mat that can be rotated and easier for you to access these foods. Look for pads at the markets, or utensils stores. In addition to all of this, you won’t have to worry about arranging your favorite spreads and cereals, just rotate and grab your desired foods.

Hole plate


Another good idea for sorting your plates on an empty wall is to place a hole plate. You can use it to hang the plates, utensils, and empty jars that you won’t use often. With that, you will make more space in your pantry.


Once you have organized everything, another good idea would be to place labels on your thing in your pantries. You can put labels on the jars or perhaps on the shelves themselves. Choose what works best for you and keep your pantry neat and sorted.