How To Overcome Test Anxiety


Writing any kind of test or exam comes with a lot of panicking among students. As the due date for taking tests approaches, there is a likelihood that the anxiety heightens. The reasons for anxiety are numerous with the commonest being fear of getting bad grades. While this may be a regular occurrence among students, it isn’t healthy and should be avoided. Test anxiety may unsettle students to the point that they perform poorly in exams that they have prepared for. The good news is that there are many ways that you may deal with this type of anxiety and the tips here will help you. 

Tips to Help You Overcome Test Anxiety 

Prepare Adequately Before the Test 

More often than not, when you have adequately prepared for a test, you have a high level of confidence. Unlike pop quizzes, there is often notice before the tests or exams. If you have been lacking in certain areas of your studies, you have more than enough time to cover up. If it helps, you can draft out a study schedule and adhere to it strictly. Keep in mind that the more you panic, the less you can assimilate. 

Seek Professional Academical Help

Talking to someone about your fears regarding your tests helps in more than one way. You do not even necessarily have to leave your comfort zone to get the help you need. Irrespective of your academic field, there are many sites on the internet that can help you prepare for tests. For instance sites on managerial economics homework help can help you prepare for managerial economics tests. 

Practice a Relaxation Technique

Just like visiting the hospital, taking a shot, or attending interviews, it is important to relax in this situation. There are many ways that you may help yourself relax, depending on your preferences. Good music, a movie, or yoga are some of the ways to help you ease off the tension and lose the knots off your shoulder. The only way you can be productive in your tests is to be at ease. 

Stay hydrated and eat healthily 

Dehydration has a way of ruining the calm and composure of a person. When you eat healthily and drink lots of water, you don’t get sick before the test. Do not forget to drink lots of water because it helps you deal with stress.

Try to Distract Yourself 

You cannot panic every day before you write a test. This will affect your health and productivity. One of the best ways to avoid anxiety is to try and take your mind off things momentarily. Participate in your favorite sport, see a movie, or hang out with friends over drinks. This doesn’t always mean that you have lost focus on the goal. 

Revise Previous Test Questions on Your Own 

If you’re worried about how your performance would be, you can take personal tests on your own. Past questions and assignments will help you prepare for the real deal. If you like, you can ask students in higher grades to coach you on what to expect. Sometimes, test anxiety is a result of fear of the unknown. 

Have a good night’s sleep before the test

To increase performance and reduce sweaty palms on test day, rest properly. Round off whatever revision you have going on early and spend quality time resting. By morning, you will feel more relaxed.


Test anxiety does more harm than good to students. It affects academic performance and health. The tips here will help you win the battle of test anxiety.