How to overcome the fear of speaking in public


The decreased self-confidence, the fear of failure and mocking are the reasons number one why one is facing problems whenever he has to do a public speech at the uiversity or at his work. Even talking in front of bigger group of friends is a problem for them.

While some people enjoy and feel comfortable giving a public speech and consider it as a perfect moment to show off their abbilities and how great they are, others consider it as the worst thing that can happen to them. It’s when they feel helpless and can get confused in a second, which only affects their self-confidence because they equal it with a disaster and catastrophy.

But even if there is no special need for you to perform a public speech but you, however, decide to do it, bare in mind that it might turn out to be the exact thing you needed in order to stand out and get promoted at work. Those might be your five golden minutes that can lift you to the stars by increasing your self-respect and self-confidence.

There are chances your cheeks turn red during the speech, you might start stuttering, your mouth might get dry, the palms of your hands might start sweating or you might even lose your voice and forget what to say next. That are the negative things you might experience during such speech. However, there’s always something you can do about it.

Visualize it and keep calm

As to begin, do not stress your thoughts and mind with panic and unwilling events that might happen. Instead, visualize yourselv giving a perfect speech, expressing yourself like never before. See happy and satisfied faces in the public in front of you. See yourself happy while the people are enjoying what you have to tell them.

Make sure you relax and have a good sleep before you actually fo the speech, which will help you additionally. Eating enough is also a must. The brain functions better when the stomack is not empty.

Practice in front of a mirror and inform yourself very well

In order to avoid problems with vocabulary later, read about the topic before you do the performance. The more you read the more confident and ready you will feel. The anxiety will disappear and you will be ready to beat the scene.

Practice in front of a mirror if necessary. Try the whole speech. Do not be affraid if you omit something or you forget to mention it, as soon as it is not the most crucial thing you should mention. Do not worry about the order of the parts of your speech. At the end, the most important thing is to say everything you firstly tought you should mention. Practice i several times and pay attention on the things that result most difficult for you so you can solve that problem.

Choose the right clothes

Believe it or not, the clothes have a lot to do with your comfortability on the scene. If you choose something appropriate, elegant, classy and comfortable you will feel ready to do it. Choose your size so you will not have problems fixing your clothes while doing the speech. If not, it will additionally distract you from the topic and the things you want to share with the public.