How to Plan a Home Renovation


Many people are very excited at the prospect of remodeling their home, but this dream-come-true scenario soon evaporates into thin air when they try to find a reliable contractor as well as after they crunch numbers and realize how these improvements will affect their wallet. That’s why it’s extremely important to plan everything in advance and avoid some of the most common mistakes homeowners make. I would also love to thanks to our friends at Ongill for helping us in the whole renovation process. 

Money, money, money

First things first! Making a budget should be your priority because that way you’ll prevent yourself from running out of money in the middle of the whole process. This requires doing detailed research beforehand and itemizing your expenses. Your friends who have remodeled their homes recently can give you valuable advice on the subject and share their renovation experiences with you. However, it’s a good idea to leave room for unplanned situations by adding an extra 20% to your calculations.

Play by the rules

As you most certainly know, Australia has some very strict rules and regulations when it comes to building. So before you do anything, check whether it’s legal and what kind of permit you need. For example, if you want to remodel your bathroom or kitchen, it’s essential that your pipes can withstand the changes you imagined, as well as that you comply with the local laws. That’s why you should hire a reliable company specialized in plumbing in Sydney which can assess whether your demands are realistic and help you keep legal troubles and bay.

Be flexible

The best-laid plans oft go awry. Keep this wise proverb in mind and expect that you’ll have to adapt to every situation that comes along. Sometimes, these issues will be minor, such as a barely visible different shade of your wall paint, but be prepared to deal with some bigger ones. Keep your calm even if your furniture manufacturer ships you a completely different dining room table and chairs. This flexibility also refers to your schedule and requirements, and it will make your home remodeling experience less stressful. Don’t forget that a home renovation requires a lot of factors to align and fall into place and that it usually lasts longer than initially scheduled. Just like it’s important to plan a slightly bigger budget, you need to be aware that your home renovation might take a month or even two to complete. So, if you have an external deadline to meet, it’s better to start a couple of weeks earlier and make sure that everything is finished on time.

Think twice about DIY

Younger homeowners are more likely to invest in DIY projects, as 34% of people under 35 decide to improve their homes themselves.  So, you like to tinker around the house and if your friends think that you’re a skillful handyperson? That’s great but a home renovation is quite a challenging task. It’s true that you can save quite a bit if you use a DIY approach, but make sure that you know your limitations. Weigh your options and if you’re absolutely certain that you won’t bite off more than you can chew before deciding to everything on your own.

Create a mess-free zone

No matter how careful your contractor is you can count on the fact that you’re in for a big mess. Create a zone in your house where your family will be able to prepare food, relax at the end of the day, or simply have a cup of coffee during the renovation. Although this may seem like an unnecessary complication, they’ll thank you for it as the mess piles up.

These easy tips will help you prepare for your home renovation and pull it off smoothly.