How to Prepare Your Motorhome For The Winter Trip


For many motorhome travellers, the arrival of the cold represents a technical stop causing their motorhomes parked for a few months. However, they can be used all year round! There is no need for stopping in winter. It is entirely possible to travel by a motorhome when it’s cold, and even when it snows. Making it winter-proof means that you will be able to go carefree during harsh conditions. Besides, more and more campsites are open all year round.

Prepare your motorhome properly for upcoming winter

The cold not only affects people, but it can also affect your vehicle. That is why it is essential that you check your tires, the amount of antifreeze liquid, and the heating system. If you go to an area with snow, it is vital that you wear chains or winter tires that ensure safety on the move.

Isolate yourself from the wind and the cold

If you plan motorhoming in winter, try to isolate the windows and doors so you will avoid getting cold. If your vehicle has a tilting roof, it will be necessary to have an outer cover. It is highly recommended that you also have thermal insulation for the interior. As much as possible, try to sleep on the bottom (it will always be warmer) but, if you can not, remember to camp in areas without large air currents.

Take advantage of the sun

Avoid nightlife in places which are shady during the day. Look carefully where the sun rises, in the morning you will appreciate that the first glimmers of sun warm your motorhome. And do not forget that you can also take advantage of the sun as a source of energy by installing solar panels in your motorhome!

Before leaving

  1. Check your gas reserves

In winter, you consume more gas, so plan to leave with 2 gas bottles instead of one. If you have gas heating, it’s even more important to think about it, so you don’t run out of the heat.

  1. Clean your heating system

For efficient heating, clean heating is required. Remember to clean the grilles and the ventilation system . Dust that gets stuck in it can significantly reduce airflow!

  1. Adapt the equipment

Snow tires, chains, think to equip your motorhome nicely to face the snow and the ice. Do not forget that your vehicle weighs about 3 tons 5 (or more)! Snow tires make it possible to have a better grip on cold, wet or snowy ground and thus to reduce risks.

  1. Prepare for the worst!

Even if it can be adventurous and you don’t go to Alaska, equip yourself! Take a snow shovel, sanitising plates, battery charging cables, a broom (to clear snow from the roof if needed), a windshield, gloves, a headlamp, etc. Wake up the adventurer in you!

  1. Reflexes against freezing

Going out in the winter is like dealing with low or negative temperatures, so you are at risk of frost. Remember to put anti-freeze windshield washer. The good reflex also is to grease the door seals and locks, it protects the joints, and during cold weather, it prevents the door sticks to the joint.

During the trip

  1. Beware of frost in the tanks

The water reserves are also subordinate to freezing. Regularly drain the sewage from your motorhome to prevent water from freezing inside. If this is the case, a few doses of coarse salt can liquefy the water and be able to drain again.  

  1. Insulate your motorhome to a maximum

Try to insulate a maximum of your motorhome against the cold! The tarps that apply on the front cover the windshield (or even the driver and passenger windows in addition to the hood). This decreases the entry of cold and keeps the heat in the cabin.

Are all motorhomes sustainable for winter sports?

Not all motorhomes are ideal for a ski holiday. The most important thing about a comfortable winter trip is the isolation of the motorhome. Have you already found the best one for your winter travel? Many modern motorhomes are equipped with good heaters which makes them very comfortable You can find some of them on Oaktree Motorhomes. So, are you enthusiastic about your snowy adventure? We hope so!