How to Preserve Your Jewelry


Worrying about your big and fancy diamond engagement ring losing its shine? Or worrying about buying your dream wedding jewellery that will look faded on your big day if you buy them now? Here’s the solution to your problem ladies. Do not stress this. We have you covered with some incredible hacks and advices to not let your gold bangles and diamond rings lose its lustre.

Foremost, thing to do is that you should keep each piece of your jewellery separately. If they are kept together they tend to get scratches on them. They are your exquisite babies. You don’t want them to be in a poor shape, do you?

Every time you have worn your nose rings, diamond mangalsutra, gold bangles or any jewellery from your collection, make sure you clean them before you put them back in your locker. Moisture and sweat are likely to make your ornaments dull and will change the colour of your pieces making them look old if kept without cleaning them.

Another alternative is to keep the jewellery in an Anti-tarnish paper. While keeping the jewellery back, pack each set differently in an anti-tarnish paper, it will sustain the lustre of the piece and avoid them from breaking or scratches.

Avoid removing the jewellery from the velvet boxes provided to you at the time of purchase. Do not keep more than one set in a box. Store each of those diamond necklace sets separately. If they are kept together, they tend to break and get entangled in each other. Having the appropriate jewellery box and cases are very important while preserving jewellery.

All jewellery cannot be preserved the same way. Diamonds, pearls, gold, platinum and coloured gemstones, each of them have their own classified ways when it comes to storing and long term preserving. Diamonds are the hardest gemstone and must be kept separately in soft cloth bags. Because darling, Diamonds speak louder than words! You don’t want anything happening to them.

Coloured and precious or semi-precious gemstones should be cleaned with a moist cloth once worn. It helps keep the shine of the stones for a longer period of time.

Gold bangles and Stud Earrings can be easily damaged by scratches from hard gemstones like diamonds. It is advisable to have gold jewellery in soft cloth pouches or in separate boxes or cases.

Silver jewellery should always be kept in dry and in tarnish-proof cloths. Storing them separately in a thin cloth reduces absorption of moisture from air and at the same time allows breathing space for the jewellery.

In case, it has been a long since you last wore a piece of jewellery; it’s time to do some spring cleaning then. Once in a while, take out time from your busy schedule and clean the old jewellery or take them back to the store where you got it from for some polishing. Even our jewels need to freshen up once in a while.

We, at Rockrush understand your emotional and financial investment of your jewellery and with a mission to sell timeless pieces we rescue you from ill maintenance of your jewellery.