How to renovate your bathroom on a budget


The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in our house, so we must maintain it as much as we can. In addition to that, we have to maintain it from moisture, leaks, and to repair broken tires. You should also change materials to make them more durable and sustainable. In this article, we give you a guide to help you with renovating your bathroom.


If you don’t have enough money to spend on renovating your bathroom, then one of the cheapest versions to renovate is by painting it. If your bathroom previously had a wallpaper, you can remove it by using a steamer. Before the painting, make sure you cleaned all the sticky, dirty, and flaked areas on the walls. After that, you have to see if the walls are damped or mildew. If they are, make sure to remove the mildew and damp or you can add mildew inhibitor to your new paint to avoid further damping and mildew.

Neutral colours are the best fit for the bathroom, especially if you are planning to sell your house. You should stick to cream, beige, whites, or low key colours. Furthermore, you can add accessories and splashes of colour to create your own design for your bathroom.


Tiles are usually expensive, especially when you hire someone to install it for you. To save up money, you can install the tiles by yourself and limit the tiles in your bathroom. For example, you can cover half of the wall with tiles and paint the rest of the wall or you can add tiles on the most important areas like the floor. You can also get creative by adding the tiles wherever you want and create your own designed bathroom. You will save up a lot of money and plus your bathroom will be unique and one of a kind.

Grout and Silicone

Grout and the silicone are often overlooked when renovating the bathroom. These too can get grumpy, moldy and they will look unpleasant. Here is what you can do, you can clean gout and replace the silicone around the tub, shower, and the sink. This will make your bathroom looks shiny and clean. Furthermore, for applying the silicone, you can do it by yourself if you know how or hire a professional to change the silicone. In addition to applying the silicone, if change correctly it will look clean and neat, if not, it will look unpleasant. For the grout, one solution is to add a splash of colour to it. But the best thing to do is to replace it, especially on the shower floor. The epoxy grout is the best solution for your shower floor. It is stain stain-resistant and doesn’t allow water to penetrate the floor. With that, you are avoiding future leaks and moisture damage.

Benchtops and vanities

It is a very famous way to luxuriate on granite benchtops. It is good that the bathroom benchtops are small which means the cost is smaller for installing them, unlike the kitchen counters which are pretty expensive. The best way to save up on granite is to buy a slab containing imperfections. The sink basin will take a lot of space so place the imperfections to the places where are not visible. For example, to the spaces where the sink and the faucets will be placed. Another thing that you can do is to use an old dresser as a sink stands. Cut the dresser to place the sink and you have free cost pedestal.


Check and fix every detail in your bathroom. You can retouch light fixtures, towel racks, sink faucets and drawer pulls for a small price. They might seem insignificant and less visible but doing a little retouch on them will refresh the look of the bathroom.

Add new thing in you bathroom

To refresh the look of your renovated bathroom, add new items in your bathroom. New shower curtains, towels, plants, or some new decorations will definitely change the atmosphere of the bathroom. You can also add new accessories to your countertops. You don’t need to shop, you can add some nice bowl from the kitchen or some ceramic mug, just to add some detail to the bathroom. And lastly, put some artwork into your bathroom. Add some picture on the bathroom wall and you will have a new looking, clean, and neat bathroom. No one will know that it was renovated without costing much.