How To Repurpose Guitars In Home Decor

Is there someone who doesn’t enjoy the magnificent sound of guitars? Every garden gathering is more enjoyable with a guitar, every bus ride is more fun with a guitar and simply life is more beautiful when we hear someone playing the guitar. If you truly appreciate guitars, and you even play one, I’m sure that you are going to find this post interesting. Scroll down through the photos below and see How To Repurpose Guitars In Home Decor. There are so many ways in which you can add the guitar to your interior decor, and all of the crafts are as easy as a pie. If you want to make the guitar part from your everyday life, check the DIY designs that I have collected for you and see which one will fit the best in your surroundings!

If you are a musician, I know that you would love to add the guitar to your home decor just as a decorative object without having any other functional purpose. You can also add some music papers in the background for a nice finishing touch.

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Have you ever seen such a cool wine rack? Turn your old guitar into wine storage and watch the compliments rolling in! This is the coolest wine storage design that I have seen, and I bet that you haven’t seen a better one either!

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Decorate the guitar in the way you like and add a clock mechanism in the middle of it. It’s a great way to personalize your decor. How do you like the idea?

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I really like the craft where the guitars is turned into a wonderful book storage. If you don’t have many books, and you are struggling to find the perfect storage option for your room, this is definitely the DIY project that you should try to do soon!

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Even parts of guitars can be recycled. What do you think about these eye-catching coat hooks? I’m impressed with the smart and creative design. What about you?

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The cool and creative planter options are endless, and if you haven’t found the right planter design for your home, has it ever occurred to you that you can plant your favorite flower in your favorite music instrument?

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The spices in the kitchen can create a big mess, and you can create your own and personalized spice rack by repurposing the old and broken guitar.

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guitar planter
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The guitars remind us of romance, and they can make the atmosphere in any room more relaxing and romantic if you just turn them into shelving unit and decorate it with candles or Christmas lights.

guitar light shelf
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I really love the design where the guitar is used as a lamp stool. It’s such an elegant and sophisticated design. How do you like it?

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How are you going to repurpose the old guitar that you have in your home? Let me know in the comments below!

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