How To Revamp Your Garden Fence With Your Children


If you have children, then you’ll probably know that sometimes it is hard to entertain them. You may find yourself doing the same activities over the summer just to pass the time and make sure that they have a good time. A great way of keeping them entertained is to do some fun craft activities. Craft is a very important part of your child’s development as it can teach them lots of new skills. It will also help them learn how to be more creative, so it is a good idea to get them involved in some crafts if they aren’t already.  Your kids will love creating their own things, especially if it is something that they can use and be proud of. Although this sounds great, sometimes your ideas can run dry when it comes to thinking of new things to do. This is why we have come up with some great ways that you can revamp your garden fence with the help of your children.

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Choosing The Right Fence For Crafts

If you already have a garden fence, then you’ll need to decide if you are willing for this to be decorated or not. Sometimes fences can be costly and so some parents might not want to ruin them if something in the craft goes wrong. A great way of avoiding this or if you don’t already have garden fencing is to buy some cheap fence panels. These come in many shapes and sizes and can look great in your garden. If you want to find somewhere that offers a great selection of fence panels online, we’d recommend you take a look a Buy Fencing Direct and see what they have to offer (the DIY kits may be the perfect choice).

Hang Some Plants

Our first idea for you to do with your children is to hang some plants on your fence. This activity will be fun as you can spend some time painting and decorating the pots with your children. You can then use this activity to teach them about plants and how they can grow into nice flowers. They’ll love seeing their pots on the fence and watching their flowers go from seeds or bulbs to flowers! This idea is relatively cheap and effective, you can even encourage your children to look after their own plants by watering them regularly. You’ll be able to find loads of cheap plant pots online.

If you’d like to be a bit more original with this idea, you could even make use of your old wellington boots. Adding some soil to these boots and having your children plant their own seeds will work really well. You can then hang the boots on the fence, in order of size to represent your family.

Painting A Mural

This one is very easy and doesn’t need to be an amazing piece of artwork. If you and your kids are particularly arty or talented, you could create something great or you could even draw the outline and have them fill in the spaces. If your art skills aren’t quite up to painting a large mural you could always write something on the fence and have your kids add their handprints or names. This will add a really personal feel to your garden and your kids will love seeing their art displayed in your garden where everyone can see it. You’ll need to invest in some paint for this task, but it will be worth it to keep your children entertained.

Create Some Wooden Artwork

Where better to display your children’s wooden artwork than on your garden fence? You could use any spare wood or even buy some single fence panels to use for bringing their ideas to life. If you’d rather make the shape first, why not cut their names out of wood and have them paint it however they want? Or you could even make the wood into the shape of animals which will look great hanging on your fence. The options are endless, and this is a great summer activity.

Decorate Birdboxes

This next idea involves you either making or buying some bird feeders for your children to decorate. Let them spend some time painting or drawing pictures on the outside of the bird feeders before you hang them up. You can get some that are different sizes and hang them in groups all over your fence. Your children will love seeing the birds come to feed from the feeders that they have designed. This is a great way of passing time and teaching your children about different types of birds that might come into your garden.

Buy A Chalkboard

Our final idea to keep your children entertained over the summer involves attaching a chalkboard to your garden fence. Although they can’t be directly involved in putting up the chalkboard, they’ll have endless fun when they get to use it. Chalkboards are great because you can wipe away what you’ve done and start again. Teach your kids how to play noughts and crosses or other fun games and watch them entertain themselves. They could even write messages to each other or draw pictures on the board. Having a chalkboard on your fence is great because of the large amount of space that it has. It is unlikely that you’ll have a space as big as your fence in your house to hang one.

Our Verdict

We think that using your garden fence for keeping your children entertained is a great idea. There are so many different crafts that you can do with this, as long as you don’t mind your fence being used as a canvas. Don’t forget that you can buy cheap fencing panels, so you don’t need to worry about ruining your new ones. You could even build a small fence in the children’s play area so that they know this is their part for doing crafts on. Get some materials and start fixing up your fence now!