How To Save Money On Your Energy Costs All Year Long In Texas

Photo Courtesy of Pixabay

In Texas, it’s mostly all about the heat. Managing your energy bill when the temperatures get uncomfortable can be a challenge for many homeowners. No one looks forward to opening their mid-summer energy bill. But, with a few simple changes, you can reduce your usage and charges significantly.

Many homeowners are looking for ways to adopt a greener lifestyle and reduce the size of their carbon footprint. The amount of energy that it takes to heat and cool your home is responsible for a large part of your carbon output. Finding ways to reduce your usage and still stay comfortable is easier than you may think.

The summers in Texas are long and the heat can be severe. In the Hill Country, you could easily find yourself using your air conditioner all day and well into the night. Shopping around for the best Texas electricity rates and following some of our eco-friendly and energy conscious tips can help you save money on energy costs all year long in Texas.

Smart Thermostat

Many homes stand empty for at least eight hours a day. That’s a lot of wasted energy to keep a home cool or warm when no one is in it. By installing a smart thermostat, you can customize a program that works with your specific schedule. No more constant trips to the thermostat to find a temperature that is comfortable.

You can program your smart thermostat to turn on your HVAC when it is needed and run at a lower setting when your home is empty. You can program your temperatures to fluctuate throughout the day to optimize use when it is needed the most.


Staying cool is less about temperature and more about the movement of the air around you. By turning on your ceiling fans or putting small fans in the rooms that you use the most, you will feel more comfortable without turning the temperature down. 

Make sure that your fans are turning in the right direction to push the air down to the floor. The cool breeze will make a huge difference in your comfort levels when it starts to get hot outside.


On those chilly nights, you can save money on energy costs by installing a small fireplace. There is nothing more cozy and relaxing than enjoying an evening by the fire. It is much cheaper to heat your home with a wood stove than switching your system from cooling to heating several times a day.

Energy Star Appliances

Your dishwasher, refrigerator, washer, and dryer all consume a huge amount of energy. You don’t need to get rid of your appliances and give up on the convenience to save a bit of money. Energy Star-rated appliances are specifically designed to use eco-friendly systems and low consumption of electricity.


If you find that you are paying through the nose to cool down your home, you might want to consider downsizing. If your family has grown and moved on to their own homes, you may be wasting money and energy by heating and cooling a home that is way larger than what you need.

Texas can really turn up the heat during the summer months and it can be tough to stay comfortable. Try some of these eco-friendly habits to help you stay cool and keep your energy bills manageable all year long.