How to save on your kitchen renovation


Renovating your kitchen is an investment that can improve the quality of your life and increase your home’s value. The key is making the renovations and upgrades you want and need while keeping your budget as low as possible. Experts say investing about 5% to 15% of your home’s value on renovating your kitchen enables you to get a good return on your money. Continue reading to discover the best kitchen renovation ideas on a budget.

Making The Right Upgrades

For your kitchen renovation to have the most significant impact without spending too much money, you have to make the right upgrades to critical areas of your kitchen. Being able to cut your costs as much as possible while renovating your kitchen’s key areas is crucial. It will enable you to get a lot more done without going over your budget. Taking the time to find the highest quality materials at the lowest prices possible is crucial. It can help make your kitchen look, feel and function better and increase the value of your home by tens of thousands of dollars while spending a mere pittance.

Ways To Save Money On Key Upgrades

1. Cabinetry

One of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to improve the look, feel and function of your kitchen on a budget, is to make simple upgrades to the cabinetry. Some low-cost changes like painting dark, dull, cabinets in light, bright, vibrant colours can make them look new and fresh. Simply changing cupboard doors can make a dramatic difference that transforms your cabinets and your kitchen. 

By adding crown moulding and inexpensive under cabinet lights, you can make the cabinets and the kitchen look brighter and more appealing for very little money.

2. Flooring

Vinyl and laminate flooring are durable, inexpensive, versatile kitchen floor upgrades that are a simple solution for renovating kitchen floors on a small budget. They look fantastic, cost a lot less than wood or ceramic tiles and can be installed in minutes right on top of solid existing floors. Plus, vinyl and laminate tiles can stand up to water without peeling, is nice and soft underfoot and can quickly brighten up a kitchen and completely change and modernise the way it looks.

3. Handles

Another fast, simple, very affordable kitchen renovation idea is replacing the handles and hardware on your kitchen cabinets and drawers rather than doing a complete refit.

You can choose from many colours and finishes, mix and match them and install them by yourself. For a few dollars, you can push the design envelope, make a bold change and get the maximum makeover impact. Many people are surprised at the significant difference in a kitchen’s appearance, merely changing the cupboard and draw handles can make.

4. Benchtops

A laminate benchtop is both beautiful and inexpensive. According to Oneflare, benchtops cost between $300 – $2,000 per square metre. A laminate benchtop can be used to replace old, damaged benchtops using the existing fixtures or frames for far less than using natural stone or a reconstituted benchtop. Plus, many people find laminate benchtops are a better, safer choice for a family kitchen.

5. Splashback

An acrylic surface is an excellent way to save money on a splashback makeover. They are inexpensive to buy and install and create a clean, modern appearance in your kitchen that you are sure to love. However, tiled splashbacks have the most resilient finish and are easy to clean. If your tiled splashback looks dated but still is in good condition, regrouting or simply repainting it can give it an attractive, affordable facelift.

Improved Aesthetics, Enjoyment And Value

A low budget kitchen renovation can help in several ways. It can improve its aesthetics and enhance your use and enjoyment of it and increase the value of your home. A simple, cost-effective way to upgrade your kitchen is using high quality, attractive, white paint to paint the walls, ceiling, cabinetry, splashback porcelain or ceramic tiles and even the floor. 

It will make the kitchen look bigger, better and brand new. Do your homework beforehand to see how much you can spend on a kitchen renovation. With proper planning, one trip to the hardware store to buy light switches, handles, tapware, paint and a few other items can help you modernise and renovate your kitchen for just a few hundred dollars.