How to Save With Joann’s Coupons During Spring 2021


It may be that you want to save on your next yarn supply. Or perhaps you just want to browse Joann’s product categories for any popular new craft supplies that you don’t yet know you want. 

In any case, there are a few ways to obtain free Joann’s coupons, which can often be used alongside other offers. There are also other clever ways to save at Joann. This overview will discuss both these other methods and coupon-related techniques for saving at Joann. 

Finding Joann Coupons Online

One popular way to shop for savings is by printing coupons off the internet. That Joann accepts coupons from competitor stores as well as their own makes this process even easier.

You can print off any coupons available on a competitor’s website and use them at Joann. Joann’s coupons for spring 2021 can be found on Joanne’s own website.

What are the best sites for printable coupons?

Third-party websites are also available, from which you can download Joann’s coupons. Many of these sites offer both manufacturer and store coupons. Here is a list of reputable coupon websites which routinely upload new discounts available to print. Any one of these links will take you to such a page:

Remember to find new coupons on competitor’s websites too, as they are still valid at Joann and may help you find additional offers. Here are the links to the recognized competitors’ sites:

Joann Couponing Tips

Here is some extra info that will help you save on craft supplies this spring by using coupons at Joann stores…

How Can I get coupons for free?

It is very easy to find free coupons that are valid at Joann. Most of the printable ones offered on the websites listed above are free, including manufacturer and store coupons. 

If you see a product advertised on a Joanne web page for which they don’t have a coupon, try searching it on a different coupon or store website. Moreover, Joann offers free shipping so the savings are preserved for online orders.


Joann’s Coupons cannot be applied to magazines, Crayola products, or sewing machines at Joann. No coupon you select will work on these items. Joann may also be restricted from providing cashback value to the Ibotta app via these products.

How do I get extreme couponing coupons?

There are no magic coupons you can order that will give extreme discounts, but there are a few popular ways to save extra money by using coupons. Here are a few such strategies:

Use Joann Coupons from Different Sources

One option for increasing your coupon savings at Joann’s is combining coupons from Joann’s phone app and email subscription. If you use coupons from either source for the same product, you could end up getting an item for close to if not totally free.

Use Competitor Coupons

As mentioned, coupons from Michaels, Hobby Lobby, and Hancock’s are valid at Joann.

Add Coupons on Top of Seasonal Discounts

For instance, since yarn goes on sale in Joann stores in the spring, print out a 20% off store item coupon and add it to the existing discount on yarn for a big discount. Beads sometimes go on sale for 40%, which would provide another good chance to see extreme savings when you add a coupon.

Another way to take advantage of seasonal discounts is by waiting until after a given holiday. For instance, some seasonal items go on sale for up to 90% off after Christmas. Similar offers occur after spring holidays like Easter too.

Use Coupons Twice

One more popular way to extract extra savings from coupons is by using them both online and in a store. Many Joann coupons have codes you can use for online shopping, while the same coupons can be printed and used in-person.

Shop on Sunday Morning

Since Joann doesn’t do rainchecks, it is a good idea to capitalize on their coupon offers as soon as they update them: Sunday morning. That way, the inventory to which coupons apply won’t be cleared out by the time you get there.

Other Ways to Save at Joann

Now that we’ve covered the best methods for couponing there, it is worth mentioning other strategies for saving at Joann.

Ibotta App Discount

15% cashback is granted when you use the Ibotta payment app at Joann. Ibotta also offers a rotating variety of other cashback deals for its users.

Email List

Joann also gives a 20% discount on your next 0nline purchase if you sign up to receive coupons and ads over email.

Do Joann Fabrics have a senior discount?

Joann doesn’t have an ongoing senior discount at their stores, but they do have popular seniors discount days that occur a few times annually. On these days, people aged 55 and above get 20% off their purchases. 

Buy discounted gift cards

The Gift Card Granny website offers a discount on Joann gift cards. So, if you buy a 20$ Joann gift card from there for 18.00$, for instance, you’ll end up saving 2.00$ when you spend 20$ at Joann.

Use Targeted Discounts

If you are a teacher, veteran, girl scout, or business owner, you are eligible to receive a special discount on your purchases at Joann.


Now that you’ve been briefed on the best couponing techniques to use at Joann, you are ready to enjoy spring 2021 with more money in your pocket. You may end up saving by using third-party coupon sites, or by taking advantage of the offers posted directly to

And since Joann offers free shipping as well as coupons valid for any online order, you’ll be able to save time as well as money by avoiding a trip to one of their stores.