How To Select The Best Tumblers For Your Business


Every year, businesses like to have different promotions for various events or specialty items they might be selling in their stores. With these events usually come special promotional merchandise. More often than not, promotional merchandise comes in the form of pens or bags. These are reusable, functional, and offer something of value to customers. But there’s one type of promotional tool that works even better than these colon tumblers. Tumblers are a versatile and fantastic promotional tool for any company. They can be customized, come in a lot of different varieties, generate impressions, and ultimately make customers happy. In this article, we’ll teach you how to choose the best tumblers for your business. Keep reading to learn more.

Why You Should Sell Tumblers

If you’re wondering why you should sell tumblers, the answer is simple: people love them, they have a high ROI, and they make a great gift. Tumblers are ideal for sale items, especially when you’re doing a special event. Furthermore, you can use them at trade shows, conferences, or giveaways to help generate interest in your brand and build a rapport with potential partners. Tumblers are fun, iconic, and practical, making them ultimate drinkware 480 occasion. Customers can use them for water, coffee, tea, and pretty much any beverage they can dream about drinking. That’s what makes tumblers so special and worthwhile for any marketing campaign.

Choose Strong Materials

Tumblers can come in a vast array of different materials. The most common ones you’ll see are plastic, glass, and stainless steel. Of these materials, stainless steel is the most durable, not to mention easy to clean. Plastic and glass, on the other hand, are far more susceptible to breaking and chipping. That doesn’t mean they’re a poor choice. It just means they’ll offer a different experience for consumers and won’t last as long without the proper care. Tumblers also have different attributes. Some are double-walled, some are vacuum sealed, and others are just standard cups. If you’re looking to expand into offering tumblers at your business, make sure you offer high quality selections that will last for a few years as opposed to something that might break easily the first time the customer. A little bit of attention to detail here is critical to ensuring you get the most out of this promotional tool. 

Add Your Logo

If you plan to use tumblers as a marketing tool, it’s imperative to add your logo to them. Make sure your logo is prominently placed on the cup so not only will customers who own one see it but prospective customers will happen in their line of vision as well. This can generate some positive impressions that might lead to foot traffic for your business. Moreover, these can give you some free exposure when they’re used out and about. Ultimately, adding your logo to something is a simple and inexpensive gesture that can help build relationships with customers and forge new relationships throughout the course of your business. When it comes to custom tumblers and drinkware, you’ll get a lot of promotional value from offering these items to your customers

Offer Lids and Straws

Accessories are always a fun option for drinkware. Whether it’s a coffee cup, insulated water bottle, or one of your custom tumblers, offering some accessories can enhance the drinkware experience for customers. Tumblers don’t necessarily come with a lid and straw automatically, although there are many types of plastic tumblers that do. To truly enhance the value of your custom tumblers, consider making these accessories available either as a sale item or as part of the overall package. A reusable plastic lid and a reusable straw can be useful to the customer while also being environmentally friendly. It’s a small and simple gesture, but it can have a phenomenal impact long-term.

Offer Variations

Because tumblers are so versatile—and there are so many different types of them—you shouldn’t just settle for offering one type. When you order them in bulk and customize them with your logo, be sure to mix things up a little bit. Add some small size tumblers as well as some larger ones. 16 oz and 32 oz cups are probably the most popular, but you could offer a range of sizes. In addition to that, you can choose different designs and imprints that somehow incorporate your logo. Finally, offer different types of tumblers such as travel mugs, thermoses, double wall insulated tumblers, and others. Variety is the spice of life and customers will always respond to having more options as opposed to fewer.