How to Sell Your Property Faster With Virtual Staging Service?


Searching for a new apartment or house is a time-consuming and tiring task that requires meetings with real estate agents, visiting different building sites and many other things. And far from every person has enough time for all the processes and preparations. Fortunately, businesses have come up with online real estate platforms to make the real estate selection process as smooth and effective as possible. Nowadays, it is no longer necessary to spend time on the road and meetings with a real estate broker; all the communication and property check-up processes can be held online thanks to virtual staging solutions. How does it work? And what benefits do both a seller and investor get?

Virtual Staging in the Real Estate Business

Interestingly, 72.1% of investors say that the ability to compare different offers without the necessity to visit building sites is an important argument for them. This is actually where virtual staging software comes in handy. The solution allows future investors to check different real estate objects virtually from any location and at any time. Thus, a seller gets the opportunity to save time, and you can be sure – such an attitude will be appreciated and will pay you off well. On top of that, the ability to remotely show/ see a real estate object becomes especially important in the era of a pandemic and creates additional benefits for both buyers and sellers.

How Does Virtual Staging Work?

Technologically, there are two different ways to use virtual staging in the real estate business:

  1. You can organize remote viewing of a building site using a special platform – It has long been clear that a tour to a construction site is one of the best selling strategies. It allows investors and buyers to see an apartment with their own eyes. Unfortunately, bringing strangers to a construction site is usually quite problematic. What is more, the situation becomes even more complicated in the COVI time. Fortunately, such a visit can be successfully replaced with a virtual fitting. With the help of a special program, buyers can check the future premises without even leaving their bed. The client needs to be entertained today, and virtual tours successfully do it;
  2. Gamifying the sales process – Gamification is one of the main marketing trends in recent years. In the case of real estate sales, virtual staging can become the very game element that will make the selection process many times more fun. This will have a good impact on your “selling agenda.” 

What Benefits Do You Get?

The use of virtual staging technologies has several advantages at once:

  • Allows real estate professionals to accurately visualize a project even before construction begins and present it to both investors and buyers;
  • Saves time. With the help of a virtual fitting, real estate review is much faster. Buyers and renters no longer need to be physically present on site;
  • Virtual staging technology can reduce marketing costs for a project, which means it can provide significant savings for landlords and other real estate investors;
  • At the construction stage, there is sometimes no way to enter the construction site, but with the help of virtual staging, it is possible. Moreover, it can be done right in a cozy office or at a client’s home.

When it comes to end-users, there is a whole pack of advantages associated with a virtual staging service as well:

  • Native check-up of the object – Virtual staging provides a fully immersive effect with maximum realism;
  • Objective assessment of the area – Apartment dimensions may not say anything to a potential buyer. But a virtual tour  will give an investor a clear understanding of the actual space and whether it is enough;
  • High attention to detail – Buyers can see every, even the most insignificant element – up to the future view from the window.

Does the technology have any disadvantages? Perhaps only the insufficient drawback so far is that some solutions are still expensive. But the active use of virtual staging solutions in real estate is only a matter of time. This business will become more flexible and provide even more freedom to both investors and real estate agents.