How to Set up a Nursery for a Newborn


Arranging a room for your baby is one of the significant preparations you have to make before your baby arrives. Whether you want to dedicate a large room as your child’s space or you have a small space to work with, there is no limit to how creative you can get when decorating. 

With the vast amount of child care items on the market today, it can be a bit overwhelming knowing how to create the perfect nursery for your child. 


Here are seven tips that can guide you in the process of creating a comfortable space for your newborn;

Think about long-term usefulness

Before embarking on a shopping spree, it is vital to decide how you want the nursery to turn out. It is common for most nurseries to get converted into suitable rooms as the child grows older. You can also decide to keep the space as it is if you plan to have more children.

Making this decision before you start purchasing items will help you know the type of products and decor to use.

Get the essentials first

A nursery must have a few components that are essential to the care of the baby. These essentials include furniture, draperies and bedclothes.

The cot, dresser, chair and changing table are the vital furniture that will be required. If you wish to change the room into a toddler and teenager’s bedroom as your child grows, look for convertible options for bedding as this will save you money in the future.

Have enough storage space

No matter the decor you choose to follow, ensure to leave enough space to store all the items that your baby would inevitably accumulate. 

There should be space for accessories like wipes, nappy bins and bags, books and toys. You might also make room for storing larger items such as a stroller frame or baby capsule when they not in use.

Choose colours carefully

The colour of the room can determine how inviting and comfortable it will be for your newborn. While there are a lot of shades to choose from – even if you plan to go the traditional blue or pink route – your focus should be on finding a shade that evokes peace and calm. 

Avoid jarring shades and try to stick with cool colours like pastels or earthy tones. You can also paint a beautiful mural on the walls and ceiling.

Use low-lighting options

The first years of a baby’s life will mostly be spent sleeping. Therefore, you should make the room suitable for them to get as much sleep as possible. 

Place dark and heavy curtains or blinds on the windows to create a dark environment during the day. Invest in a nightlight that will provide enough illumination, especially during late feedings. 

Try to install only lights that can be dimmed as you do not want to keep your baby awake during the night.

Make the room parent-friendly

Though the room is mainly meant for the baby’s use, the parents will be spending a lot of time there as well. Therefore, the contents of the room should be set up with the comfort of the child’s parents, especially the mother, in mind. 

Get a chair or rocker that has a broad seating base, padded armrests, a backrest that cradles the body and enough space to fit a nursing baby conveniently. 

You should also endeavour to get a changing table that reaches waist height to avoid bending as you change your baby. Getting suitable furniture will prevent back pain and help ease the demands of caring for a newborn.

Start early

Waiting till the last few weeks before the baby arrives before you start setting up the nursery is a less than ideal option. Time will be limited for to test products, air out paints and new furniture, and make other adjustments. 

Planning is essential for creating the nursery of your dreams. You will also have more energy during your second trimester. So this would be the best time to arrange the nursery.

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