How To Show Gratitude To Employees During Uncertain Times


If there’s one thing employers should have learned over the past year, it’s the value of good employees. When the world turned upside down in March of 2020, business owners had to make difficult decisions to stay afloat. The most significant choices included transitioning to remote workplaces and laying off employees. Those who remained employed took on extra work and did whatever was asked to maintain operations and service their communities. 

Although essential personnel received their salaries or hourly wages throughout the ordeal, they sacrificed and encountered a lot to remain productive while facing chaotic times. Even as things continue to shift, loyal employees are still doing what they can to be accommodating. As such, employers should be going above and beyond to show their appreciation. 

Ways To Say “Thanks”

If you’re looking for ways to say “thank you” to remote and in-house teams for all their hard work, here are some ideas they’re sure to appreciate. 

Flexible Hours

Maintaining a healthy work-life balance has been challenging for many employees. They’re trying to ensure they can keep their jobs while also taking care of families and their ever-changing schedules. If you want to show your employees that you appreciate their efforts, offer them flexible shifts. Whether you allow them to start later or leave earlier in the day, it enables them to be there for loved ones without compromising their jobs. 

Social Media Posts

Highlighting an employee’s efforts and accomplishments is a simple yet meaningful way to say thanks. Use your company’s social media page to create a post letting your followers know just how thankful you are for your team. It’s an opportunity to lift their spirits and allow the community to thank them as well. 

Personalized Letters

Receiving a letter from your employer showcasing their gratefulness for your services is such a wonderful experience. Take the time to write or type personalized emails to each employee, letting them know that you admire their dedication. 

Acknowledge Special Occasions

Recognizing your employees during specific times throughout the year is a great way to show gratitude. For instance, if someone’s birthday is coming up, you can send them personalized story books all about them. You can also send small gifts for anniversaries, baby showers, and the holidays. 

Affordable Gifts

While company finances might be tight right now, that doesn’t mean you can’t show your employees a little love. There are plenty of affordable and practical gifts you can give out occasionally. A gift card for a cup of coffee, sweet treats, pens, calendars, or earbuds are all thoughtful and useful presents your employees would love to receive. 

Treat Them To A Meal

Your employees have to eat throughout the day. Why not save them some time and money by treating them to a meal? You can bring in coffee, tea, donuts, and pastries for breakfast or have lunch catered by a nearby restaurant. Treating your employees to a meal is not only a great way to say thanks; it’s an opportunity for them to socialize with co-workers, which can boost workplace morale. 

If you have remote employees, you can always have breakfast or lunch delivered to their house or send them a gift card to a nearby restaurant so they can get something themselves. Either way, it helps them to feel appreciated and a part of the team. If you’re hosting an in-house catered lunch, you can invite remote workers using video conferencing software. 

Showing appreciation to your employees has always been a necessary practice for employers. It lets them know that you care about them as individuals and value what they bring to the table. Employee appreciation efforts can also go a long way in boosting workplace morale and improving productivity. However, employers need to go out of their way to say thanks more than ever. As their teams continue to work diligently in an ever-changing world, it’s their efforts that keep you in business.