How To Sort And Pack To Move In A Hurry?


Relocation is time-consuming in a matter of packing and shifting. But what if you have to shift within a short deadline? Maybe a week or just a few days? Well, if you go through the write-up below you can even shift with ease in just 24 hours.

The first thing to keep in mind is not to panic. The things can be easier when you are calm. The first step should be to order moving boxes before you start packing. There are various sizes of boxes available, order the boxes of different sizes to carry out the packing effectively.

Steps To Efficient Packaging For Short Notice Shifting:

Here is the list of Do’s and Don’ts to carry out effective packing for early shifting.


  • Make a checklist of things you want to carry along. Before jumping directly to putting everything in the bag without even knowing what you kept and what not, a list of all the necessities is important.
  • Move around the house, starting from one room to another. Do not leave a single corner. You never know what you may leave out.
  • Sort the things. Leave the things behind that are of no use. Either sell off or donate.
  • Once the list is ready, divide the work between all your family members or you can seek professional help from packers.
  • Start from one room at a time. Finish with the packing of one part and then shift to another.
  • Label the things immediately as you pack the box.
  • Keep the documents and important papers in one file. That file should always be in your handbag.
  • Seek the standard packaging material rather than scrambling things up with availabilities. It can be hectic during packing as well as unpacking. If you don’t use the right packing material, you may come across a great loss to things during transportation.
  • Make a separate handbag for essential toiletry kit, basic kitchen utensils and a pair of clothes. These things may not wait for unpacking and will find a use once you enter a house.
  • Pack all the liquids, solid and semi-liquid things in separate boxes. Any leakage in your shampoo or oil bottle may lead to a noticeable damage.
  • Try to directly pack your wardrobe if it’s portable instead of carrying it empty. Packing and Rearranging things. It will be a good save of time.
  • Pack all the electronic items carefully. If you have the boxes of specific items in your storeroom, use it. Carry it with full safety.


  • Do not throw off the things in the box, rather pack it in an organised manner. It will lead to efficient use of space in the box.
  • Don’t put the necessary items of kids and pets in the transportation. Keep it handy with you in your car or personal mode of transport.
  • Do not overburden yourself by taking every responsibility on yourself. Professional help can be a good idea in early shifting.
  • Never put any kind of flammable material in your bags, it may be a risk while transportation.
  • Do not carry your groceries along, if they are perishable or you have a long travel route. Donate it right away.
  • Do not carry unnecessary furnishing, if your new place is fully furnished. It will increase your efforts in packing, transporting and unpacking.
  • Do not opt for any shortcut while transportation, if the roads through that route are not maintained. Rather a longer road with smooth roads should be your first choice. It reduces the risk of any damage during transportation.

Final Words:

Keep all your anxiety away while sorting and packing. You should have only one feeling, happiness to step into your dream house.