How to spot a toxic person in your surrounding


If it happens to you to feel somehow lazy, bored and unmotivated to do anything even when the weather is excellent and you would normaly behave on totaly different way, chances are you are under the influence of the energy of a toxic person. The best way to deal with such case is to first accept that it might have happened to you. The second thing to do is to focus on yourself and your own life. Try to think only positive toughts in order to lift your vibration.


However, it is very important to find the source of that bad energy in order to avoid and deal with it. The toxic people have no energy. They actually drain the other people’s energy which later broadcast it as a negative one or even exhausting. That’s exactly what makes you feel bad in ther surrounding. Such people tend to always avoid taking responsability. They always complain about the others and make you feel sorry for them. They even try to manipulate with the others. They feed their ego by celebrating other people’s failures. If there’s somebody that pops up to your mind by reading the description, it’s high time you removed it from your life. If you do nothing to escape from such a person, the chances are even you will turn up into exactly the same one.


There are several sympthoms that show you that you are under influence of such a toxic person:

  1. You feel drained after talking to that very person. Even you feel like complaining all the time. You have no inspiration to do anything useful that day. Beware because your mood speaks volumes.
  2. After a conversation with a toxic person you feel like you want to get out of your own skin. They even make you feel uncomfortable with who you are. You just can’t get it but you simply hate being you after spending some time with them. You start even questioning your own values because that’s what that very person made you do.
  3. All you talk about is problems and complainings. And when you come with a solution you are being ignored so you feel useless and unimportant.
  4. Your creativity goes away. You start feeling comfortable with less than what you have always known you deserve. You start to slowly butt surely change yourself into a brand new person.
  5. You don’t take care about yourself anymore. You pay no attention on what you eat. You start having more negative than positive thoughts.

If this is the case with you, it’s high time you react for the sake of your own energy and well being. There’s nothing wrong in ignoring such a person because if you keep sharing your time with them you will end up beingg exactly the same. You must take care for yourself first. Have courage to leave when you no longer feel happy and positive with the people around you. Your body and mind will thank you later. Youu have to learn how to be emotionally intelligent for yourself.