How to take a good decission


The life is a bunch of decissions with plenty of roads created thanks to that very decissionos. Only one different decission opens brand new path, therefore the overall plot changes. That’s why each one matters equally. Its effects come only after taking the final decission. Taking decissions is one of the most importand skills we have to develop. Whether we will live a happy life or not it depends on the choices we make.

The good news is that there is a way to take the best decission ever, wgenever we have doubts. We have all faced situations in which we have had difficulties in deciding what way to go. We usually stand on a cross road trying to pick up the best direction. The questions that follow are whether to follow and trust our intuition or overanalize every single step and consequence before deciding whatever. We often believe that the logic can help us deal with this issue. However, most often than not we have to take a step back before we decide it. This is very important because that way we can cool the brain down and think better. We observe the situation from another perspective and are able to decide better.


Only the people that have a bond connection to their higher self can take the best decissions in the moment. Otherwise it is recommendable to leave the things to cool down for some time. That’s the very first step. Next important step is to talk only to yourself. Whatever you decide for yourself is better than any advice that comes from the expernal. We know ourselves best and only we know what resonates with us. If we, however, follow someone’s advice and eventually fail by taking that decission, we later tend to blame the others for our failure. We avoid taking responsability because the decission was not our at first place.

The next step is to analyze not the logical steps that follow but the priorities. Leave the consequences apart for a second. Think only about the priorities. Decide what outcome you will be more satisfied with and stick to it. Don’t overanalyze the road to it. Just decide that outcome will bring you more satisfaction and plant it in your brain. Eliminate the stress and anxiety.


The final step would be the emotion. What emotions do you have with each possible decission you can take? Does it bring you peace? Does it bring you joy, satisfaction, tranquility? Does it make you happy? Are you proud of it? Do you feel confident? Do you feel like you are following your own intuition and guiding system? It is very important to answer this questions to you. You have to exclude other people opinion about the same topic. Your answers are what will give you the final one before you take the decission. Make sure you feel strong and motivated by the answer. Whatever you decide at the end will have a positive outcome if the answer to all this question is “yes”.

At the very end it is important to know that there actually does not exist a wrong decission. You have to only stick to whatever you pick up, believe in it and see how it develops. As long as you go with the flow with it but have a huge faith, there must follow something extraordinary!